A High School in Michigan is being converted into a fortress. A new architecture should make it possible to mass murderers as hard as possible. The city of Fruitport is the safety of students cost a lot. A total of 48 million U.S. will be paid off investing dollars in the large-scale reconstruction, which, however, alone in safety-relevant tags.

“Our school building will be the safest building in the entire state of Michigan when it opens,” said super intendend Szymoniak TV channel “WZZM”. 2021, the construction should be finished. Szymoniak believes that the new Fruitport High School will be leading the way, and your suggestions of school principals and safety experts are perceived all over the country. “The design elements are a natural part of a building that has in the future.”

Oppressive danger

The super intendend has a lot shootings over the last Mass in schools of thought. Unfortunately, these mass murders for the students and teachers had a oppress become their reality. “I don’t want to have to lead these discussions with you further,” he said. “I want me not to Worry, that is why we have designed a school whose system to prevent and Protect.”

The regularity of mass shootings in the United States, gave the impetus for the massive renovation of the building, said Szymoniak of the “Washington Post”. “I don’t know if this is now the new normal, but the development is certainly cause for concern,” said Szymoniak. “If I want to go to the fruitport High School and a massacre cause I know now that the visibility is reduced. This has limited the ability of a shooter to inflict harm.”

cast In concrete safety

Matt Slagle, the architect and safety officer of the design firm of tower pinkster, has avoided Safety devices that can be switched off. Often the Protect former students or other insiders are able to, the such Backups, deal with it. Therefore, security has been integrated in the Form of the building. Absolute security also offers this building. “We will make the schools never completely safe from someone who wants to do harm,” says Slagle.

Also, the Design of the Fruitport High School can only try to limit the number of victims. Matt Slagle also designs prisons, in the case of the school, he had to find a balance between security and architecture, in which the students feel welcome.

minimization of a firing range

the basic idea is to transform each classroom into a Bunker. The main concern is to destroy the Clarity of the school. Long corridors, large galleries and generous window fronts for a modern and open architecture, but a long Line of Sight a clear line of fire means. Instead of straight corridors to be created curved corridors, which will reduce the field of fire drastically. They are intended to enable students to escape because the shooter can control only a few meters. Particularly critical in the existing school Central points such as a Foyer, lead to the all important courses are built. From such a point, can be mastered by a single shooter currently, the whole building.

In the new building are not bent alone in the corridors, additional concrete barriers are designed to provide students with coverage in case of fire. They are staggered, can be an escape possible, even if the shooter is in the same gear. New, these thoughts are not. The Bunker and trench systems of the First world war followed similar Considerations. The trenches were created for the same reasons, in a zigzag, and with barriers and protective hollows in the walls.

Similar to how in military systems, the administration has the option of rooms and corridors automatically seal off, so that an attacker is included in a Segment, and not more in the building can move. Reinforced doors and special films on the Windows make it very hard in the class rooms. Each class room has a hide a “shadow zone” in the students, so that a shooter can look into the room, can not detect whether students are in the room.

source: tower pinkster, the Washington Post

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