Who swipes through Instagram, knows advertising is increasingly emerging Ads. In Sponsored Posts, the network wants to make us all sorts of products palatable. However, although one would expect, is not each offer seriously. Also obvious Fake Shops always manage to switch in network advertising. We asked Instagram. And tell how to recognize the rip-off Ads.

particularly Apple’s headphones AirPods seem to be at the Fake stores to be a popular attraction. “AirPods2 Only 49$” – so Apple’s current headphones for just 44 Euro raised about a campaign at the weekend in an Instagram Story. For comparison: The advertised Version with a wireless charging case costs from the cheapest reputable dealer currently 223 Euro. You wiped up, you landed on a Shop, then Apple’s just introduced Sport headphones Powerbeats for the incredibly cheap price offered. The first, from may in the trade. Last autumn, Ads for AirPods appeared, which were obviously serving as lock means.

Scam police and consumer advocates to warn: So you recognize the Fake Shops on the Internet, So Instagram

responding To the Ads pointed out, reacted Instagram defensively. “Counterfeit products and fraudulent activities that threaten our entire Community, and therefore have no place on our platform,” said a spokesman for on demand. It attempts to discover all the fraud attempts before they reach the user, the AirPod-advertising of the Shops had been removed after the note of the star. Why advertising through the controls could get, how many users clicked and whether also which are fallen on the scammers, not revealed to the Facebook network.

The consumer protection you are familiar with the Show. “We currently have a few complaints, but we expect that will increase in the future,” said a spokeswoman for the consumer protection and enjoyment of the market guards. In General, the Problem of the Fake Shops would continue to grow. More than 4 million users have already fallen to a fraudulent Internet retailer, showed a study by the consumer advocates last summer.

Online fraud declared A state lawyer, like Fake Shops bargain hunters trick From Daniel Bakir

According to skeptical customers should be at the unfamiliar Shops, the market guards. “At extremely cheap prices, always caution!” In addition, you should avoid unknown Shops in General, payment in advance. A search for reviews of the Shops to help in addition, in the case of the arrangement according to the experts. Many of the fraud-Shops no longer exist, only a few days, the Instagram advertising is out of reach.

How Concerned should proceed?

Who thinks, to be in the trap, you should contact a local consumer advice centre advises of the market guards. It should actually be fraud, you should inform the police and make a complaint. Too many hopes, you should not make. “The prospect of the money back are very low,” says market Keeper. In addition, it could arise over the purchase price, in addition to any further damage: “If you have paid with a credit card, we advise to disable the credit card; for credit card data falling into the wrong hands, that can be done to great harm.”

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