Facebook will mark the publication of the state media and restrict their prodvijenie

the Social network Facebook announced on Thursday a plan to start implementing a special note of publication of all media controlled by foreign governments. In addition, such publications this summer will not be allowed to purchase in a Facebook ad audience in the United States.

this publication reports Axios, citing a Facebook message. It is also noted that those mass media, which deems a mark on the state control is wrong, will be able to challenge the decision of the administration of the social network.

According to head of security policy Facebook Nathaniel Gleicher, up to now social network have not observed a large number of attempts by foreign governments to influence public opinion in the United States by means of promoting in Facebook “manipulative content.””””” However, the service administration wants to hedge ahead of the presidential elections that will be held in November 2020, the year.

as examples of media content which Facebook will receive a special mark, are English-language edition of Sputnik (Russia), People’s Daily (China) and news Agency “Tasneem” from Iran. However, the state media will not be permanent — the social network promises, attracting experts around the world, edit it. The label of “state-media” will be issued only in receive state funding, but in that case, if the representative of the government has the ability to somehow influence the editorial policy of the publication. Will also take into account the existence of a law or Charter providing for the publication of editorial independence.

indicates that a publication is controlled by a foreign government, will be posted on its official page in Facebook advertising and promoted posts tools. In addition (so far — only for users from USA) will be flagged and the posts are spreading “organically”, i.e. without charge.

the purpose of the change in policy, Facebook, said the social network — as fully as possible to inform users about the source of consumed information so that they can more objectively assess the nature and possible bias.

Text: To.Hi-tech