Facebook was allowed to remove the old publish

the Social network Facebook has developed a tool with which users will be easier to cover their digital tracks. Thanks to a new feature, Manage Activity (“Control activity”), no longer have to delete the old publication of “Chronicles” manually one after the other – it can be done at once.

Wash allowed as separate entries, and all at once for a selected period, or those that mentioned a certain person. First, the new opportunity will open in Facebook mobile apps, reports The Verge.

the Function is intended to “you could more accurately reflect who we are today,” explained the company. As an example, in Facebook brought a user who gets a job and wants to move past the content College or wants to clear the account from mentions of a former lover.

the Entry you can delete or hide, then it will be automatically erased after 30 days. Post can also be sent to the archive where it will be hidden for public viewing.

the Company Mark Zuckerberg continues to give users more control over their data. For example, in January, the Facebook button was added to Clear History (“Clear history”), which allows to dissociate from the account information collected by third party sites and services. However, despite the name, this function only disables the account previously collected information, but not fully remove it from Facebook servers.

Text: To.Hi-tech