Facebook wants to set up this summer, a new independent Supervisory body, to be able to hate comments fight more consistently. The Facebook spokesman Nick Clegg, announced at an event at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.

In the body to seats, 40 members from all over the world, for example, scientists, lawyers, journalists, and other experts.

former British Deputy Prime Minister admitted that the previous Facebook rules to combat hate speech “is the subject of many debates” are. For this reason, Facebook is going to create this independent Supervisory body. “The Board’s decisions will be transparent and binding, so that the people can rise up against our content objection,” said Clegg.

The Committee to advise on contentious issues, the you Facebook users to suggest – for example, the question of whether hate comments will be systematically deleted, or whether they will remain online, but with a kind of warning are to be provided. It is also conceivable to withdraw the comments range, so hardly any Facebook users to view. Clegg stressed that the decisions of this body should be for Facebook, binding.

Clegg pointed out at the same time on the Facebook platform could not bind to any hate-Speech under. The Internet is, ultimately, a technology is not by itself good or bad. The printing press had brought to mankind the beauty of the Shakespeare Comedy “as you like it”, but also the hatred of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”. Every great technological Revolution follow a pattern. “At first there is euphoria, then anxiety, and finally, we find a reasonable balance.”

Clegg stressed in a television Interview, Facebook have recently also responds to hate comments, in the case of the murder of Walter Lübcke. “After the terrible circumstances in which Mr Lübcke was killed, we have deleted on Facebook, any glorification of the suspected murderer or of the fact,” said Facebook spokesman Clegg. The Facebook platform could not bind to any hate-Speech under.