Facebook’s Alliance for the controversial digital currency, the Libra is crumbling with the exit of large financial services such as Mastercard and Visa. Also, the Internet trading platform Ebay and the Payment services provider Stripe, the Online network on Friday of the rod.

US media reported that the massive regulatory resistance concerns in the circle of Libra-a Partner triggered. For Monday, an important meeting for the further cooperation in the Libra Association, with headquarters in Switzerland, it is planned to manage the digital currency. The four companies could have used in order on Friday, the last Chance for the Disposals prior to a formal membership.

a week Ago, already Paypal had cancelled his participation in the strong the criticism concerning the project.

Facebook had presented the idea in the summer, a good two dozen well-known companies as “founding partners” of Libra.

The withdrawal of Mastercard and Visa meets the project particularly hard. The world-famous industry giants, awarded Libra more credibility and could offer also your infrastructure is an important interface to the classic financial world. All the dropouts were at the same time, open the door for future support of the Libra project.

Facebook wants to make a Libra according to the previous announcements in the coming year, available to consumers, the idea is that politicians and Central banks in part to fierce resistance. Libra is supposed to be protected according to previous plans, one-to-one with a basket of stable currencies and government bonds. While Facebook rejects concerns that the digital currency in the territory of Central banks could intervene. The group stresses that in the case of Libra, no new money will be spent – this remains reserved to States.

the overseer to be feared, however, that the Fund will pay in the face of huge users of Facebook to distortions on the money markets could lead. Skeptics also question whether the project is sufficiently prepared to counter money laundering and terrorist financing. Facebook promised already to start Libra until all of the concerns of regulators are removed.

According to Facebook’s ideas could come from Libra first, especially in the case of cross-border credit Transfers to the bet, and then later to Pay for purchases both online and in stores.

The Facebook for the project, competent Top managers, David Marcus, said that one should draw from the disposal of the partners, no conclusions about the fate of the digital currency. “Of course, this is not great news in the short term, but in a way, it is also liberating,” wrote Marcus on Twitter. “Change on this scale is hard.” If so much pressure build up, it was clear that they were on to something. Marcus, a former chief of the payment service Paypal, specifically thanked Visa and Mastercard to ensure that you remained in spite of the pressure on Board.

In about ten days, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who is considered the Initiator of the Libra project should be, at a hearing in a Committee of the US house of representatives to the influence of the Online network on the financial service and real estate sectors surveyed. Marcus had to stand in July in the US Senate to answer to Libra.

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