Facebook is a protest against the million fine in connection with the German act against hate on the net. The Federal office of justice (BfJ) had imposed on the Online network at the beginning of the month a fine of two million euros.

The Bonn-based authority accuses Facebook that the report on complaints received to be incomplete. It is criticized also that the form for reporting complaints about illegal content is hidden according to the network enforcement of the law “to”.

Facebook said on Friday that the ruling contained “some new and helpful clarification” to the implementation of the law. The Online network check “with high pressure” of any Changes. The appeal should be dropped as soon as a solution with the Federal office is found. Hopefully by the method for more clarity.

two years ago, a done network enforcement act obliges Internet platforms to a harder action against hate, incitement, and terrorist Propaganda. Clear criminal content should be deleted within 24 hours, on user complaints should be responded to within 48 hours. In addition, the company must publish a report every six months about their handling of complaints.

Facebook offers users two separate ways to report content: with regard To alleged violations of the rules of the in-house community standards and potentially illegal content to the NetzDG. In the required by law the report Facebook on results so far, only to Pay the complaints about the NetzDG form. Thus, the Federal office does not agree. It assumes that Facebook’s so-called “Flagging”-reporting channel received a significant number of complaints to content that would be in accordance with the NetzDG unlawful. Thus, the Facebook is report is not sufficient.

Specifically, the BfJ had the fine because of the Facebook report for the first half of 2018, in the 886 complaints in accordance with NetzDG were reported. It would have led to 362 deleted or locked content. Also in the report for the second half of the Online network was only the discomfort from the NetzDG form.

If the Federal office rejects the appeal, may pull Facebook before the district court of Bonn.

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