Facebook has banned a number of ultra-conservative commentators from the US and UK by its sides. Among them, the influential US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who hosted his own Radio talk show and Website “Infowars” operates, such as the Internet, the group said. Jones was already locked in last year by Facebook due to “glorification of violence” and “dehumanising” language against Muslims, migrants, and transgender persons, at the time, but only provisionally and not fully.

pages on Facebook and Instagram

also deleted the British provocateur Milo was unlocked Facebook, according to Yiannopoulos, the racism and misogyny are accused of. Furthermore, from the spell of the controversial US black leader Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the organization Nation of Islam is affected. To him is attributed, to propagate anti-Semitic views and the Superiority of the black race.

After Apple, Facebook, and Youtube Also Twitter blocks Account of US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, REUTERS

U.S. Republican Paul Nehlen, the sermon on the supremacy of the White, and the conspiracy theorists Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer were banished.

Facebook had already banned individuals or organizations that “violence and hatred” and carried the company said. Affected their pages in Facebook, will be deleted network as well as at the group’s subsidiary Instagram.

online networks such as Facebook to see since the US election of 2016 and the Brexit vote, strong pressure to step up the fight against the dissemination of false and manipulative content on your pages. The operator of the major platforms have also taken a variety of steps. Many critics do not go to the action but far enough.