One of the co-founder of Facebook, Chris Hughes, has joined calls for a breakup of the company.

The Online network had to be forced, the photo platform Instagram and the instant messaging service WhatsApp again to repel, wrote Hughes in a Thursday post published in the “New York Times”.

Facebook had secured, among other things, thanks to the Acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp in a monopoly Position, argued Hughes, who left the company more than a decade ago. “Even if people want to leave Facebook, you have no real Alternative,” he wrote.

Facebook had bought Instagram in 2012 for around one billion dollars and WhatsApp 2014 for approximately $ 22 billion. It was a mistake of the US Competition authority FTC to allow these Deals, Hughes said. Because of the dominance of Facebook prevent new competition in the industry.

The market of Internet companies was recently on a topic in US politics. The democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has written the destruction of large Tech-corporations in their application to the presidency in the year 2020 on the flags. For him personally the abuse of the Facebook platform for political influence from Russia in the Wake of the US presidential election campaign in 2016 and the data scandal Cambridge Analytica, the Wake-up call, wrote Hughes.

co-founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg is a good person, but have warned its shares with additional voting rights, the “uncontrolled Power” that is unprecedented, Hughes. “Mark, can alone decide, such as Facebook-are configured Algorithms to determine what people see in their Newsfeeds, what are the privacy settings you and even which messages are delivered.”

Zuckerberg had recently announced, Facebook more private and encrypted communication align, the could not read the Online network. This is also a common technical infrastructure for WhatsApp, Facebook’s second im service, Messenger and the message function of Instagram is to be created. Hughes agreed with the opinion that this would make a smashing – that’s why it is important to act quickly.