The U.S., Britain and Australia have called on Facebook, the announced Expansion of encryption in Online social network is not without a back door for law enforcement authorities to implement.

This is important to protect children from violence and sexual abuse, said the governments in a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Alone in 2018 Facebook reported nearly 17 million cases of possible child abuse, with the planned expansion of the encryption, is estimated at around 12 million cases would have been but not noticed, as it was called in the letter, according to the US homeland security Department on Thursday (local time).

Zuckerberg had announced in the spring that Facebook was planning to expand the use of encryption strong. So Facebook’s chat services WhatsApp, and Messenger, as well as the communication function of the photo service Instagram on a common technical platform with the so-called end-to-end encryption changed. In the case of Complete encryption of the content of communication are, in principle, only for the sender and the recipient is visible in clear text. Also Facebook would have no access to it. Thus, prohibited or problematic content can no longer be detected also, for example, with the help of analysis software.

WhatsApp has already, by default, end-to-end encryption, when Messenger, you can be for a confidential chat on.

Facebook had announced in the spring, before the implementation of the Plan first, extensive consultations also with the authorities. Messenger-in-chief Stan Chudnovsky said at the time, you will need to combat illegal content more on notes left by users.

Currently, Facebook and other services databases, in which known images with illegal content such as child pornography will be noted to entertain, to be able to distribute them to bind. A kind of fingerprint is created from an image and stored, newly uploaded content can then be compared with this “Hash”. A proposal to use the method also in the case of Complete encryption, there is, for example, content on the Apps directly on the device by users to match before they are encrypted for Transmission.

encryption is, particularly after the revelations of Edward Snowden to the escalating Internet Surveillance by the US Interception of the NSA and its partner services is becoming wider used. The authorities in the USA and other countries, it is no longer a thorn in the eye.

Zuckerberg admitted on Thursday to employees that the encryption for the authorities is a challenge, just like if you had to fight with one Hand tied. At the same time, Facebook is convinced that the benefits of encryption outweigh the disadvantages. Most of the Tech companies emphasize that of encryption, for example, private data of users from Online Criminals shooter. The installation of back doors, they reject, in principle, since this would be the security for all of the decrease.

Apple risked so 2016 is also a legal dispute with the FBI: The company refused to write a Software with which you could have a locked iPhone crack. The US government withdrew their lawsuit, after she came to own information with the help of a specialised service provider in the iPhone of a slain assassin, that’s what it was in the case.

The government warned in the letter dated Thursday, the encryption could allow Criminals to avoid law enforcement, because important evidence has been hidden. For the U.S. government the document of justice signed by Secretary, William Barr, and the acting Secretary of Homeland security Kevin McAleenan.

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