The planned independent Facebook panel, in the users a in their view, unjustified deletion of content can complain, is taking shape.

The Online network of about 40 experts in this field, with at least eleven it is to be able to work. Facebook hopes to be the first members this year to present. At the beginning of next year, the first dispute could be treated cases, said the group on Tuesday.

The Plan is that users of complaints in groups of five Board members to be tested. Your decisions should be for Facebook to be binding and to be implemented quickly. The only exception to this is if Facebook come to the conclusion that you would hurt with the restoration of the removed content laws. Decisions of the panel should, in principle, apply as precedents.

the members of The Board shall be appointed for three years at a time. For your use, you should not be financially compensated – but by Facebook directly, but through a trust Fund. While the first members of Facebook are self-selected, these should help then in the selection of other candidates.

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg had unveiled plans for such a Supervisory Board already at the end of last year. The Online network is repeatedly criticized from various sides for the deletion of the content. The idea is therefore to provide a solution to such conflicts, an independent instance. Facebook can imagine, as members, among others, lawyers, publishers or journalists.

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