Fürstenfeldbruck/Alling – The driver of a Car wanted to turn around noon from Bruck coming shortly after the sink in Wagelsried to the left into a dirt road and stopped, therefore, on the Federal road to let the oncoming traffic pass. Behind him, a queue formed.

The Fürstenfeldbruck coming, the driver of one of the lines-fast bus noticed that according to the police, too late. Not on the cars in front of him to bring in, he moved to the oncoming lane and rammed into an oncoming VW Sharan, a man with his two children sat. In the collision the driver of the van was injured, according to police information considerably.

+ An Express Bus and a car collide on the B2.© Weber

He Fürstenfeldbruck came to the hospital. The driver of the bus was also injured significantly. The two children came for reasons of prudence, to the hospital. The Express bus is only a single passenger was, according to police. This remained unharmed.

The fire brigades from Alling, Furstenfeldbruck, and now also from Biburg try to get the fallback transport. Responsible to direct the motorist, the want in the direction of Munich, Gilching, in order to relieve Alling. Also, the roads in Biburg are overloaded.

The blocking is taking so long, because it is difficult to recover the heavily damaged Bus due to the crash, which blocked the brakes, so towing is impossible.

+ An Express Bus and a car collide on the B2.© Weber

In principle, had occurred from a transport perspective, now is exactly the case, the Brucker Tagblatt of those days has described, said one observer. However, there is little traffic on the road was on Thursday afternoon, a total of on the go – and it was not Rush Hour.


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