Experts warned about an Android virus

Photo: depositphotos/simpson33

the specialists of the antivirus company said on almost Needleman Android virus that is able to collect personal user data, according to RIA Novosti.

At the end of 2019 experts on some devices has discovered a Trojan virus. It was observed that the malware was collecting the profits from paid apps, or independently installed on their smartphone.

Experts said that as Trojan normally removes a portion of the application, users then can’t get rid of the infected programs.

the existence of the virus, Android.Xiny.5261 experts have learned more in 2015. Since that time the program has evolved, it strikes Android, starting with version 5.1 and below. Specifies that such operating system uses every fourth owner of Android.

Experts said that sometimes to get rid of the virus may just completely pereproshit operating system.

Earlier it was reported that virus-extortionist WannaCry in 2019 called the most dangerous weapon in the world. Its action is due to contamination of the device with the encryption file then the scammers require the victim a ransom for the key to decrypt it.

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