Experts on cyber security called the most popular passwords in the world

Photo: depositphotos/dedivan1923

Experts on cybersecurity have identified the most popular passwords last year. About this newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the report of the company DeviceLock.

the Most popular passwords in 2019 consisted of the simple combinations: “123456” and “qwerty”. These passwords were popular among Internet users in 2018. You often see the passwords “password” and “111111”.

the Password “QWERTY” was the most popular among Russians. The list also included the password “love”, “Hello”, “Natasha”, “love”, “Maxim”, “Andrew” and “the sun”, the researchers note.

Specifies that users choose weak passwords because they are afraid to forget complicated options, however, the light codes are becoming key to hacking and access to personal data.

Earlier, experts told how to create a secure cipher. They analyzed the most common weak passwords, and seized 500 million security codes, which became available in connection with leaks and break-ins.

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