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Expert: Tesla’s Autopilot was turned on in the case of death crash


the first accident report on a deadly Tesla Crash in March has raised new questions about the assistance system to “Autopilot”.

The case had sparked particular attention because the circumstances of a deadly repeated collision three years ago: The Tesla raced under a truck trailer crossed the street car.

The investigation authority NTSB, in its preliminary report on the Crash in Florida on 1. March, that the driver had turned on the “Autopilot”Software ten seconds before the accident.

In the last eight seconds prior to the collision, no hand movements were registered on the steering Wheel. Tesla have drawn the conclusion that the driver was let go immediately after the “Autopilot”-activation of the control. Neither the Software nor the driver had tried to Dodge. The Tesla Model 3 is driven when the collision with a speed of 68 miles per hour (well 109 km/h), while on the Highway section had been allowed to 55 miles per hour (88.5 km/h).

Tesla had explained to the accident in the year 2016, may be the “Autopilot”System didn’t recognize the white side of the trailer against the Background of a bright sky or a highway shield held.

“Autopilot” is not a real self-control system, but only a driving assistance system. Tesla indicates that the man should keep the tax an Overview of the traffic situation and the control of the vehicle.

At the same time, the NTSB experts criticized at the time, the technology had permitted it, that the driver didn’t pay attention to the traffic. Tesla tightened the security arrangements and made it impossible to take the hands for a longer period of time from the steering Wheel.

The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) investigates in addition to aircraft crash accidents throughout the transportation of the United States and formulated recommendations. The authority is already reviewing several Tesla-related accidents.