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Experience the Rush of Drift Hunters MAX Completely FREE


If you’re a fan of cars and motor vehicles, there is no shortage of video games or media to hold your attention. However, while all of the other projects fight for a slice of your hard-earned paycheck, one game gives you all of the thrills of driving a fast car around a large track completely for free.

That game is Drift Hunters MAX, and it is a Drifted.com exclusive that pushes the boundary of what car fans should expect from their games, especially ones that can be played entirely within a web browser. If this sounds interesting to you, here are a few more things that make Drift Hunters MAX a game you should check out.

Cars Galore

If you’re looking for a game with a huge variety of cars, then Drift Hunters MAX has your back. There are 37 cars total in the game, and each one is highly detailed and modeled on an actual sports car.

You’ll have a few to choose from at the beginning, but part of the fun of the game is unlocking all of the best cars. You can also customize each car by taking it to the tuning menu. Here, you can give it a new paint job or change aspects of its suspension.

Doing the latter will also change how the car handles and drifts thanks to the new physics system.

No-Cost Fun

As previously stated, Drift Hunters MAX is completely free to play. No need to pull out your credit card at any point before or during play sessions. However, the game is only available on Drifted.com, as the website reached out to the creator of the original game to make this new version exclusively for them.

Once you’re enjoying the game on Drifted.com, you’ll see that the game doesn’t even need any additional downloads in order to run.

Shocking Graphics Quality

Despite running within a web browser, Drift Hunters MAX is no slouch in the graphics department. Compared to its predecessor, the game has massively improved graphics and texture quality, making it look and feel like a full-on console game.

The new lighting system makes every aspect of those high-resolution textures absolutely pop with detail, to the point where all the cars look just as good stationary as they do in motion. The 12 tracks in the game are similarly detailed, with plenty of visual interest along with expertly designed spaces for maximum drift potential. 

Never Lose Progress

Upon finding and loading into Drift Hunters MAX, you will be asked to create a simple account. After a few minutes, all of the wonderful new features of the game will become available to you. Chief among them is the progress saving mechanic only made possible with this account system.

With it, you can close your game on one computer, and pick up exactly where you left off somewhere else with minimal interruption.


After you’ve enjoyed Drift Hunters MAX, you should also check out the original Drift Hunters game. It’s not as advanced or as shiny as MAX, but it is just as fun.