Exercises on stability Runet again postponed

the Ministry of communications has postponed the planned exercises to ensure the stable operation of the Internet in Russia, which was to begin tomorrow, June 20. The reason for the transfer was the continued pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19. It is reported TASS with reference to representatives of the Department.

a New date for the exercises in the Ministry of communications did not name. “The exercise is postponed to a later date, as due to the regime self-isolation, the preparatory work of the Ministry and other stakeholders was not possible, — said the press service. — The exercises will be resumed based on an assessment of the situation at COVID-19”.

Previously, the Agency planned for the year 2020 four stages of teaching: March, June, September and December. The event, which was scheduled for March, also took place due to pandemic COVID-19.

the Law on ensuring the stable operation of the Runet was signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on 1 may. Its essence is to protect Russian users from threats associated with attempts to turn them off from the global Network.

In particular, to counter these threats, ISPs will be required to install special equipment, and the data exchanged between government agencies on the Internet would be further protected by encryption. Partial amendments to the laws “On communications” and “On information” came into force on 1 November 2019.

During a straight line last summer, Putin said that the law on the sovereignty of the Russian segment of the Internet is aimed solely at ensuring its smooth operation. “There are no limitations here is not planned, — he assured. On the contrary, the act was intended to ensure the sovereignty of our segment of the Internet and the possibility to work there all individuals”.

Text: To.Hi-tech