Against 00.45 o’clock, it came early Friday morning (4. January) in the train station, without a prior relationship between victim and perpetrator – to insults and verbal dispute to a physical multiple of drunk people. A 18 and a 19 – year-old German community to have attacked several other people in a group indiscriminately physically, as the Federal police reported.

The 18-Year-old from the Au, in the case of the later is 1.7 per mil, breath alcohol was measured, pulled his belt from the waistband, and specifically in the direction of the faces of the Attacked, beaten and also continue to spit in.

mediation of the Attacked at the age of 29 to 50 years (including five German and one Slovak) attempts showed no success, you – with great effort – the two aggressors are overwhelmed and have called the police. When the police arrived, the 19-Year-old (later breath alcohol concentration of 1.52 ppm) showed the officials that he led a Cutter-knife at the ready in his pants pocket. He handed it to prompt willingly.

The Victim (breath alcohol values of 0.7 to 1.5 ppm) suffered the fisticuffs injury, such as blood at the end of the lips and cheeks, visibly swollen hands and fingers or abrasions to the legs. Immediate medical care through the ambulance service they refused. The incident occurred in the time of the crime, heavily frequented pedestrian tunnel to the East railway station. Against the two attackers will be determined because of dangerous bodily injury, and the 19-Year-old in addition, for violation of the weapons law.

fisticuffs in the donut shop

On Friday evening (4. January) it came against 20.45 at the Ostbahnhof – from unknown causes – in a doughnut shop. A 23-year-old German will have attacked in the process, to verbal insults, a 42-year-old German physically. To do this, he went behind the counter to the seller and to him, as the police called, the mobile phone from the Hand pushed him and physically attacked.

Then, the mountain was left at the Laimer with a well-Known the Store and went to the bus station. There, the seller alerted the Federal police was able to show the Aggressor. He was taken to the Department and must now be held accountable for assault and insult. The seller suffered injuries to the face, among other things, to a scar, which referred to a recently performed Operation. After the 23-Year-old, who refused to give a voluntary breath control, had to leave the guard after the completion of the police measures, the Federal police a little later in the Ostbahnhof station, where he urinated against a wall in a House. When the officers asked him to refrain from doing so, insulted the two as a “joke figures”. A further indicator for insulting awaits him.

Drunken threatens to fall into the Track

To 01.45 PM on Saturday a 19, was found-year-old, highly intoxicated German at the Ostbahnhof. The man from Oberpframmern (Lkr. Ebersberg) could barely keep himself on his feet, swayed heavily, and threatened to fall into the Track. With him were measured on the Department to 2.29 per thousand in the breath. Up for collection by the agreed father, he had to remain in the area in the Ostbahnhof in the custody of the Federal police.


bus driver despair in a snow storm: the fire brigade has to come out – Chaos on the Leopold street

On early Saturday morning required three buses, the Munich-based transport company with the help of the fire brigade in Munich.