A cruise is only for older people or boring? Of due! If you thought the previously, you will have your opinion of the stories of former cruise staff to do a thorough rethink.

“We were shocked, as the sniffer dogs came in with the drug squad on Board,”

Claire Sanders worked for a year as a hairdresser on cruise ships around the world, such as the Portal, The Sun reported some time ago. “Before you go aboard, you will be checked thoroughly for seaworthiness,” says the 27-Year-old. “The female of the Crew must undergo pregnancy tests, and everyone needs to take a drug test.”

Sanders reported how many of their colleagues slept with older passengers “to their pay a little Supplement. And they were not ashamed – they all talked about it and everyone knew the Affairs of each other.”

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in Addition, it was commonplace, that all drug consumption, especially cocaine. She had been shocked when, one day, the sleuths had come with the drugs squad on Board. “Still more surprised us, what are the amounts of cocaine they found, and how many people were thrown from the boat. The retired pensioners.”

One more thing, it seems to have the woman on Board the cruise ships is impressive: “We had a storage room for dead bodies – we called it the coffin of the closet.” Nevertheless, they have enjoyed life on Deck. “It has helped me to grow up,” said the young woman. “I’ve seen amazing places and even celebrated.”

“The married men on Board often led double life”

Tina Molson worked according to his own statement in a Duty-free Shop on Board. “Anyone who works on a cruise ship, leads a promiscuous life style,” said Molson. “Most of the crew members go to bed with. It is a lonely life style and everyone is looking for someone.”

Many of the officers had a wife and children at home, reported to Molson, “but no one seemed to care. The married men on Board often led double lives.”

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The former cruise Hostess Hayley Jane reported excessive alcohol drinking bouts. “Around the clock, there were breath tests for the Crew. Who was caught, and the Limit had exceeded, had to leave the ship at the next port. Someone is happening on the Panama canal. God knows how you got home.”

in Addition, you have seen how employees challenged each other, who slept with most of the passengers – what is forbidden to the Crew. “I take it this is about the Mile High Club.”

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Curiously enough, The idea of a drug smuggler may have been good – has not helped him, the original hiding place for marijuana, however.