One year after Barbara Pravi’s second place finish, will France finally triumph at Eurovision? In Turin, the hexagonal colors will be represented by the Breton group Alvan

Formed in 2021 after meeting in a bar, the group distinguishes itself with its warm electro-pop music, which it embellishes with traditional Breton songs. “We discussed our respective musical universes. Alvan had already written a piece, and he was considering the possibility of adding Breton voices. We listened, and I hooked directly on what he was proposing. In the process, I called Sterenn Diridollou and Sterenn Le Guillou. We sing together at Breton festivals. We wrote lyrics, and that’s how ‘Fulenn’ was born,” explains Marine Lavigne to our colleagues.

In the Italian city, it is with its title “Fulenn”, which means “the spark” and also the pretty vine, that the group will stand out. During their performance, the four artists hope to give a modern image of Brittany, while paying tribute to the “diversity of the regions”, which “is the strength of France”.

“Thank you for doing so much honor to our language,” enthused the network of Diwan schools on Twitter, which practices immersion in Breton from kindergarten and says it is “very proud of Marine and Sterenn, former students of Diwan Kemper College (Quimper in French, editor’s note)”. It will not be the first time that the Breton will be present at Eurovision. In 1996, Dan ar Braz