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European Elections 2019 : date, latest poll, the candidates… The guide


EUROPEAN – in The month of may, the european Parliament is renewed. Who is a candidate in the european election in France ? That are forecasting the latest polls ? What are the issues ? The point.

Summary European : latest news with Date of the european elections european Elections : voting procedures Election of the european in France Surveys on the european elections Which vote in the european election ? Result of the european election Latest news with The RN in the lead in voting intentions in a new poll by The news of european the 1st of February – A survey Opinion Way for Les Echos and Radio Classique gives the list of the national Rally in front of The Republic marching (with respectively 22% and 20% of voting intentions). Then come the list LR (12%), the list EELV (8%), the list BIA (8%), the list DLF (7%), the list PS (6%). Another lesson from this survey : 43% of respondents reported wanting to “express their opposition to the action of Emmanuel Macron and his government” in the european election. Find more data in our party “polls”.

Nicolas Sarkozy not convinced by François-Xavier Bellamy for the european news european January 31, – Nicolas Sarkozy would have serious doubts about the ability of Laurent Wauquiez to maintain his position as boss of LR after the european elections. According to Le Canard Enchaîné, the former head of State would comment quite harshly, the decision to induct François-Xavier Bellamy as head of list for the european. “This choice of Wauquiez risk of being the last, would it in private. A part of the electorate of the right is attempted by the national Rally, another by Macron. With nominated candidates, it does not retrieve any of those”. And to add, always according to remarks reported by The Duck : “The least one can say is that the head of the list has nothing to popular. It is a choice niche for a party that is trying to save the furniture while the house burns”. A new list of yellow vests for the european ? The news of the european of 30 of January – Here that could significantly change the game, if the initiative materialize : Patrick Cribouw, 64 years old, figure in yellow vests in Nice, has exposed its willingness to create a list for the european elections. This list, called the “Union yellow” would be in the course of constitution. In lieu of a program, the first few items highlighted : “In order, purchasing power, pensions, social justice, and fiscal, immigration, and sovereignty,” said Patrick Cribouw, who made his first campaign promise : “If I have this chance that I am elected ambassador or member of our big hearts yellow, I agree to collect a Minimum wage and to pay back the difference to the “Restaurants of Heart”. LR, the choice of Bellamy raises challenges to The timeliness of the eu of 29 January – The decision of Laurent Wauquiez to invest François-Xavier Bellamy as the head of the list will not be called in question by the competent bodies of the party. But several prominent figures have expressed their reservations. Started by Christian Estrosi, who said that the young man being nominated is “someone extremely conservative”. “This is someone who has positions that I do not share at all, the time on ABORTION, the LDCS, the marriage for all,” he said to the microde France Info. And to add, targeting Laurent Wauquiez : “I would have been president of the Republicans, I would have conducted the battle.” Other tenors of LR have expressed their concerns, such as Rachida Dati, Renaud Muselier, Eric Woerth, or to a lesser extent, Christian Jacob. And if the head of the list LREM was Brown Poirson ? The other news of the european of 28 January – The party of the presidential majority has still not designated the head of the list for the european 2019. No personality stands out really. While the name of Jean-Yves Le Drian has been suggested in some press titles, that of Brown Poirson also returns with insistence. When questioned on the subject by The Obs, the secretary of State to the minister of the ecological Transition and solidarity, who knows well the inner workings of Brussels, to kick into touch : “I will do what the president tells me to do,” she said, without shirk. For LR, it is Bellamy who should wear the campaign The news of the european of 28 January, Le Figaro revealed on Monday that Laurent Wauquiez will present to the national commission for the inauguration, on Tuesday, the first three names of the list LR for the european. The head of the list will be François-Xavier Bellamy, a 33-year-old deputy mayor of Versailles, known for its conservative positions. Agnes Evren, close to François Baroin, and Arnaud Danjean, a former close to Alain Juppé, will be numbers 2 and 3 of the list LR. Rachida Dati warns his party in the european news european January 25 – Interviewed on France Info, the mep LR reported that François-Xavier Bellamy, very likely the head of the list of the party, would not have taken the campaign “all alone”. And warn one who has made public his views against ABORTION : “The country is quite broken so if you can avoid putting on the table the topics that are going to make us exploser, it would be better. He said that it was a personal belief, it remains a personal conviction,” she said, adding : “We can not every time be led by people who do not embody necessarily the majority.” Rachidat Dati added that it should be part of the list LR for the european election of may. The list yellow vests are not like figures in media The news of european the 24 January – the announcement of The filing of the list “Rally of the citizens ‘initiative” has not gone unnoticed, it has been strongly commented on the social networks. The media Fly Rider considers that this list of yellow vests is not the cause : “We are going to be clear, the eu is to remain in the system. It is doing exactly the same thing as what we did for 40 years. It is wanting to get into a game where it is not we who make the rules”, he responded in a video posted on Facebook. Maxime Nicolle has also expressed his disapproval : “I do not know who you bought Ingrid, who has sold the dream, but you are betraying thousands of people,” he said on the social networks. In a press release of “France in anger”, the group of Eric Drouet, the way things are written : “Vote yellow Vests, is to vote Macron”, in reference to the surveys that give the list LREM enhanced in the case of the presence of a list yellow Vests. New poll : LREM front, the yellow vests disrupt the political game, The news of european the 24 January – The survey Elabe for BFMTV shows that the establishment of a list yellow Vests would change the votes. Credited with 13% of the votes, this list would weaken the RN (-3 points), but also BIA (1.5 index point) and to a lesser extent LR er LREM (-1 point). That there is a list yellow vests or not, it is the party of the majority which is given to the head of the european election. See more details in our part “surveys” (via the summary in the article header). A first list yellow vests filed for the european election The other news of the eu’s 23 January – Ingrid Levavasseur, figure media yellow vests, take the head of a list filed today, called the “Rallying of the citizens ‘initiative”. Le Figaro indicates that, for the time, 10 candidates have been invested. To participate in the election, this list of yellow vests should collect 79 persons prior to may 3, 2019. “The social movement citizen born in our country on November 17, 2018 highlighted the need to transform the anger into a political project human, able to provide answers to the French who support the movement for months,” one can read in a press release sent to the press today. Jean-Yves Le Drian to bring the campaign LREM ? The news of the eu’s 23 January – According to RTL, the majority party would even dream of investing the minister of Europe and foreign Affairs as head of list for the european 2019. It must be said that it is a personality rather appreciated by the French, according to opinion studies, which embodies a certain amount of experience that could make a difference in the campaign. Last August, this hypothesis had already been raised in the media, Jean-Yves Le Drian had been questioned about this possibility, at the microphone of France Info. “I’ve read it, this is not in my plans,” he responded at the time. Silvio Belusconi candidate for the european election in Italy The news of the european January 21 – Il Cavaliere, 82, plunges in at the deep end of the policy. “At the bel age which is mine, I have decided, by a sense of responsibility to go to Europe, where there is a lack of deep thought on the future of the world”, said Silvio Berlusconi, at a meeting of the campaign of his party Forza Italia, adding : “With my knowledge, my experiences and my ability to convince, I think I can play an important role and make it clear to european citizens that we stand to keep us away of western values”. Read MORE

The Parliament of the european Union is renewed every 5 years. The next european elections, which take place in the month of may in 2019, will allow citizens of all member countries of the Union to designate who will be the members of the european parliament until 2024. The election in France, will be the first since the legislative elections which gave a majority to Emmanuel Macron. There is no doubt, therefore, that the results of this european election will take on a national dimension : a part of the French citizens would, without doubt, to mark its support for the government, or to sanction his policy.

Since 1979, and the first ballot, each european election is – also – a way for voters to express themselves on the policy conducted at the national level, which, for many observers, skews the outcome of the election and thus the composition of the european Parliament. In 2019, however, the French have the choice between political parties, whose position on Europe is quite decided : citizens can choose between the pro-european, committed to the institution and who defend the idea of more integration ; the sovereigntists euro-compatible, who want to reform the Union and fight against any form of federalism ; the anti-european Union, who consider that France must either impose new negotiations on the existing treaties, or to leave the Union ; the strong opponents of the european Union, who want what they come out of the “straitjacket” of Brussels.

Date of the elections européelections

The election will not be held on the same day in all the countries of the european Union, it is usually held from Thursday to Sunday of the same week. This year, the european elections were held from 23 to 26 may 2019, which means that the election will be held in France on Sunday, 26 may 2019. Given the mode of the election, there is only one date in France, since there is only one turn with a single wave of results for the european elections at the national level.

european Elections : voting procedures

In all the countries of the european Union, the european election takes place by direct universal suffrage on a list system and proportional representation. However, there are specificities according to countries of the Union. Most organizes a vote on a single constituency, at the national level. A few countries have decided to create regional constituencies : Italy, Poland, Belgium, Ireland (the United Kingdom is now excluded from the ballot). Different lists are available : there is an election in each constituency.

France has returned to the constitution of a national list unique, a change finally validated by the Parliament. The european elections in 2019, thus mark the end of the ballot in 8 different constituencies (East, South-West, South-East, Massif central-Centre, the Île-de-France, North-West, West and overseas). The executive has justified this decision, speaking of a reform that provides “the guarantee of enhanced readability for the voter and an evolution consistent with the desire to strengthen the european nature of the election”.

Election european in France

The Lisbon treaty, in 2009, set the number of meps to 751. France has 73 elected, that is to say, a little less than 10% of the whole of the room. But given the Brexit and the output of the United Kingdom of the european Union, things have moved on. First change of importance, the number of seats for the next legislature has been lowered to 705. Out of the 73 seats uk, 27 have been distributed among the EU member states, including 5 in France, 5 in Spain, 3 in Italy, 3 in the netherlands. France must, therefore, elect 78 members of the european parliament on the 26th but. The other seats in the uk have been put aside, with as a possible horizon for the integration of new members (remember that Albania, Serbia and Montenegro are serious candidates for entry in the EU).

Surveys on the european elections

Careful with the surveys published in the beginning of the year : the european election campaign will start in a few weeks, it is unclear, moreover, what will all the political parties engaged in the election, if there will be reconciliations and amalgamations of lists. It also ignores, for some parties, what politicians will lead this campaign and who will be the candidate.

The latest survey on the european elections was conducted by Opinion Way for Les Echos and Radio Classique. Here are the results for training policy : LO : 1% ; PCF : 2% ; BIA : 8% ; Generation.s : 4% ; PS : 6% ; EELV : 8% ; LREM : 20% ; IDU : 3% ; LR : 12% ; DLF : 7% ; Patriots : 1% ; RN : 22% ; UPR : 0% ; Other : 6% ; Do not indicate a voting intention : 21%.

January 23, 2019, the survey, carried out by Elabe for BFMTV, gave the following results : LO or the NPA : 0,5% ; PCF : 2% ; BIA : 9.5 per cent ; Generation.s : 2% ; EELV : 9% ; PS : 6% ; LREM : 23,5% ; IDU : 3% ; LR : 12.5 per cent ; DLF : 5% ; RN : 20.5 percent ; The Patriots : 1,5% ; UPR : 1%. In the case where a list of yellow Vests is present at the european election, the voting intentions vary somewhat : LO or the NPA : 0,5% ; PCF : 2% ; BIA : 8% ; Generation.s : 1,5% ; EELV : 8,5% ; SP : 5% ; LREM : 22,5% ; IDU : 3% ; LR : AN 11.5% ; DLF : 3,5% ; RN : 17,5% ; The Patriots : 0,5% ; UPR : 1%, yellow Vests : 13%.

On January 16, 2019, the Ifop poll for valeurs Actuelles, and South radio gave 2 points to advance to LREM on RN (with respectively 23%, compared with 21% of voting intentions). In the order, it gave this for the other political formations : LR : 10% ; BIA : 9.5 per cent ; DLF : 7,5% ; EELV : 6,5% ; PS : 4% ; IDU : 3,5% ; Resist : 3% ; Generation.s : 2,5% ; PCF : 2,5% ; NPA : 1.5 per cent ; The Patriots : 1,5% ; UPR : 0,5%

on The 21st of December, the survey conducted by Odoxa with Dentu Consulting for Franceinfo gave the following results : NPA : 2,5% ; PCF : 2% ; BIA : 11.5 per cent ; and Generation.s : 3% ; EELV : 6,5% ; PS : 7% ; LREM : 19% ; IDU : 2,5% ; RL : 8% ; DLF : 7% ; RN : 24% ; The patriots : 1% ; Resist : 3% ; UPR : 1%.

on The 13th of December, an Ipsos poll gave new results. Here are the voting intentions by political education : RN : 24% ; LREM : 18% ; LR : 11% ; BIA : 9% ; DLF : 8% ; EELV : 8% ; PS : 4,5% ; Generations : 3,5%; IDU : 3%.

On December 9, 2018, an Ipsos poll commissioned by LREM gives the majority party in the lead in voting intentions (21%), followed by the RN (17%). Would be next in order, the following training courses : EELV (14%), LR (12,5%), BIA (12%), DLF (6%), the PS (4%), Generation.s (3.5), Resist (3.5%), IDU (3%), NPA (1,5%), PCF (1%), The Patriots (0,5%), UPR (0.5 per cent). This study Ipsos also tests the hypothesis that a list of “yellow vests” presented to the european. In this case, the voting intentions would be quite different, with an important impact for the RN, and BIA. Here are the results of this survey : NPA : 1% ; BIA : 9% ; CPF : 1.5 per cent ; EELV : 15% ; Generation.s (3%) ; LREM : 21% ; IDU : 3% ; LR : 11% ; DLF : 4.5 per cent ; and the Patriots : 0.5% ; or RN : 14% ; URP : 0,5% ; Resist : 3% ; Vests, yellow : 12%.

The 7 November 2018, a survey conducted by Elabe for BFMTV gave the national Gathering of Marine Le Pen leads in voting intentions, ahead of the party, Emmanuel Macron. None of these two political parties have not invested in top of the list. Here are the results of this survey : NPA : 0,5% ; PCF : 2,5% ; BIA : 11% ; Generation.s : 2,5% ; EELV : 7% ; PS : 7% ; LREM : 19,5% ; IDU : 4% ; LR : 15% ; DLF : 6,5% ; RN : 20% patriots : 1% ; UPR : 0,5%.

On November 4, 2018, a study has been carried out by Ifop for The Letter of the Expansion. Here are the results of this survey are based on the assumptions. Hypothesis 1 – the most probable, at this time of Ségolène Royal is not a candidate for the PS : LREM 20% ; RN 20% ; and LR 13% ; BIA 11% ; EELV 7% ; DLF UP 6.5% ; PS 6% ; CPF 3% ; Generation.s 3% ; IDU 3% ; UPR 3% ; NPA, 1%, Patriots 1%. In the hypothesis 2 – Ségolène Royal is a candidate for the PS, then the RN is credited with 21% of voting intentions, LREM, 19%, LR 13%, and the PS of 7.5% of the vote.

On September 5, 2018, a study was published by the institute Ifop for Paris Match, CNews and Sud Radio. Here are the results of this poll : LREM and Modem : 20% ; national Rally : 17% ; Republicans : 15% ; France Rebellious : 14% ; EELV : 7.5 per cent ; Standing France : 6,5% ; socialist Party : 6% ; Generation.s : 3% ; IDU : 2,5% ; PCF : 2% ; NPA : 2% Patriots : 1% ; UPR : 0,5%.

On July 12, 2018, a survey was conducted by Ipsos for The World, and Sciences Po. According to this study, intentions to vote are the following : LREM and Modem : 26% ; RN : 18% ; LR : 15% ; BIA : 13% ; DLF : 7% ; PS : 4% ; Generation.s : 4% ; EELV : 4% ; IDU : 3% ; LO : 1% ; NPA : 1% ; PCF : 1% Patriots : 1% ; UPR : 1% ; Resist ! : 1%.

european Elections : who is a candidate ?

many political parties have nominated their candidates, or at least the heads of the lists that will carry the campaign of the european 2019. Overview by training policy :

A list of the yellow vests for the european ?

The creation of a list of yellow vests for the election of 26 may is more likely. In mid-January, the “movement”Rallying of the citizens ‘initiative” (RIC) has expressed its willingness to participate in the ballot, with the top of the list the yellow jacket Ingrid Levavasseur, a care assistant of 31 years, who had considered becoming a columnist on BFMTV, before you give up because of threats. Ten names comprise this list, but this application divides the yellow vests, most of the figures the media of the movement opposing this initiative.

The european election in France Insubordinate

The party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon has designated as the head of the list Manon Aubry, a young spokesperson of the NGO Oxfam France. A former member of the student union Unef, this graduate of Sciences-Po, became an expert on the issue of tax evasion. In second position on this list include Manuel Bompard. Have been designated in the 6th and 7th position, the former socialist Emmanuel Maurel, and Marie-Noëlle Lienemann.

For the moment, it is Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who is first in line in the beginning of the campaign. It is he who mobilized his troops Tuesday 30 October meeting in Lille. The leader of France insubordinate wants to make the european elections a referendum against Emmanuel Macron. “If you do want more of this gentleman who fill in France with the directives of the european Commission, you have a ballot,” he defended on BFMTV, adding, in reference to the resignation of Charles de Gaulle in 1969 : “in the Past, the presidents fought referendums went. One can imagine that it would include so that it is necessary to party”.

The european elections the French communist Party

No alliance with France Insubordinate. The PCF has already invested his own head of the list, Ian Brossat, assistant to the city hall of Paris. The communists do not exclude a rapprochement with the party of Benoît Hamon, discussions should be held in the month of September.

The european election of the socialist Party

In the midst of reconstruction, the PS account on the european election to turn the page on the disaster of the presidential election. To remobilize its electorate, the party hoped to convince Christiane Taubira to the top of the list for the ballot, but the former minister of Justice has declined the proposal. Time is of the essence and no one really seems to be unanimously agreed to. Remains the hypothesis Ségolène Royal, but the former minister, if she agrees to embark on this campaign, will not be the candidate of the unit’s PS…

The european election of EELV

environmentalists are confident in the mep incumbent and former presidential candidate Yannick Jadot. The latter intends to lead his party in this election without alliance with the formation of Benoît Hamon, Generation.s. The Sunday Newspaper, in August, Yannick Jadot considered that the campaign with the one that finally got 6% of the vote was “a defeat fairly resounding”. And to add : “It is not forbidden to learn from its mistakes”. Yannick Yadot seems convinced that EELV has any interest in démark. “The european election is the only election where the voters vote for conviction. It is a vote of clarity. Our priority is to bring together ecologists across a line clear, not to make the old policy with its agreements of devices and its confusion,” he says in the JDD.

at the End of 2018, Ségolène Royal had proposed to Yannick Jadot to be number 2 on his list, offering an opening and an alliance. But the head of the list environmentalists has declined, whereas the proposal of Segolene Royal “looks a bit like yet another sleight-of PS to save the day”, while listing a number of measures taken by the ex-minister, according to him, contrary to ecological principles, such as the abandonment of the ecotax. On January 11, Ségolène Royal has announced that she would not be a candidate in the european elections.

The european election in a Generation.s

Benoît Hamon said that he would be a candidate for the european elections. The old socialist candidate, who has left his party last fall to create its own training, account on this election to make a living in the media his political party, but he has shown the World that it intends to be the candidate of a list of opening to the left. So far, the former socialist candidate in the presidential election, does not wish that his party, Generation.s, is combined with the PS for the may vote, arguing that the party of Olivier Faure is attached to the PES. “As long as this clarification at the european level has not taken place and that the socialist Party remains committed to a european party that is the residual of the conservatives, it is not possible, for the clarity of the ideas which it defends, making a common list,” said Benoît Hamon, during a public meeting.

The european election of LREM

While the polls suggest the party of Christophe Castaner a victory in the european election, the question of the incarnation of the campaign is even more sensitive. LREM wishes to renew the performance of the general elections of June 2017, capitalizing on the many nominations from the civil society, especially that of public figures could be involved.

The european election of the IDU

The training centre, which was close to the presidential majority at the beginning of the quinquennium, decided to conduct a list stand-alone. The IDU will not, therefore, campaign to the sides of LREM and the MoDem of François Bayrou (who was his ally at the last european. The member of parliament for Seine-Saint-Denis Jean-Christophe Lagarde, who chairs the UDI, was officially sworn in the head of the list.

The european election of The Republican

Laurent Wauquiez will he go to the coal ? If a few frames the incite – Nicolas Sarkozy in particular, the boss of LR does not constitute the head of the list for the european election of may 26, 2019. The owner of the right has set its sights on François-Xavier Bellamy to carry the list of his party. Nothing is settled, but this young deputy mayor of Versailles is part of the favorites, as much as Valérie Pécresse and Bruno Retailleau support this choice.

The european election of Jean Lassalle

The member of parliament for the Pyrénées-Atlantiques will be the head of list for the european elections of may 2019 movement “Resist”. “The situation in the country is such that it is necessary to give prospects other than those that we have, we live in the vice of capitalism, “fierce”, he declared to the AFP for justfuer his candidacy, saying want to be “the voice of the voiceless”.

The european election of the national Rally (RN, ex-FN)

The RN (ex-FN) and Standing France will not make a common list for the european elections. However, in may 2018, Marine Le Pen had made a large step towards its ally in the second round of the presidential election, taking the pen to write an open letter directly addressed to Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. She proposed an approximation for the election of 2019, but without offering him the head of a common list. She asked him simply with a “symbolic presence” with it “to the last places of the list”. The leader of Standing the France replied in the negative.

It is the young Jordan Bardella, a 23-year-old, who was elected the head of the list of the national Gathering. It should be noted that the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy, Thierry Mariani, and Jean-Paul Garraud, a former member of the UMP party, have left The Republicans and will be on the list of the national Rally for the european elections. Marine Le Pen has also chosen the regional councillor Hélène Laporte as number 2 of the list. It is a real surprise, since the former candidate for the parliamentary 2017 is still unknown to the general public.

The european election of DLF

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, leader of Debout la France, has formalized his candidacy in the european elections on the 23rd of September, at the congress of his party, the Cirque d’hiver. It calls for a new union of the right : “Our list is the wonderful opportunity to gather all patriots and republicans, of where they come from”, he launched to his supporters, daring even to this appeal to the leaders of RL and RN, Laurent Wauquiez, and Marine Le Pen : “You are not candidates […]. Support our list of union, the only one that will be a good right-to-Macron”.

other applications

NPA and LO have apparently found common ground to form a common list for the european 2019. They should build the two lists self. François Asselineau leads the campaign for his party, UPR. The former executive of the FN, Florian Philippot launches in the first campaign of his party, The Patriots, founded in 2017.

That vote in the european election ?

All european citizens can vote for the european elections. In France, to participate in the ballot, there must be at least 18 years old, reside on the French territory must be a citizen of a member country of the european Union and not to be deprived by law of their civil and political rights. Foreigners can, therefore, vote in this election and choose one of the lists presented by France, on condition that it be inscribed on the electoral lists.

the Results of the european election

Currently, the distribution of seats, after the results of the european in 2014, is the following : 20 elected Republicans and the like ; 17 elected national Front and the like ; 13 elected socialists and the like ; 7 elected centrist ; 6 elected EELV ; 4 elected France insubordinate and PCF ; 3 elected to The Patriots and 4 non-registered.

the results of the european elections of 2019 will be posted on the site Linternaute.com on the evening of the election. They will be very easily searchable, free of charge, town by town, using the search engine below. As for every election, the editorial will be called on to give his readers the results and the latest news live.

Results the european department, Ain Aisne Allier Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Hautes-Alpes Alpes-Maritimes Ardèche Ardennes Ariège Aube Aude Aveyron Bouches-du-Rhône Calvados Cantal Charente Charente-Maritime Cher Corrèze Côte-d’or Côtes-d’armor Creuse Dordogne Doubs Drôme Eure Eure-et-Loir, Finistere, Corse-du-Sud Haute-Corse Gard, Haute-Garonne, Gers, Gironde, Hérault, Ille-et-Vilaine Indre Indre-et-Loire, Isere, Jura, Landes, Loir-et-Cher Loire Haute-Loire Loire-Atlantique Loiret Lot Lot-et-Garonne, Lozère, Maine-et-Loire Manche Marne Haute-Marne Mayenne Meurthe-et-Moselle Meuse Morbihan Moselle Nièvre Nord Oise Orne Pas-de-Calais Puy-de-Dome Pyrenees-Atlantiques Hautes-Pyrenees Pyrenees-Orientales Bas-Rhin Haut-Rhin Rhône Haute-Saone, Saone-et-Loire Sarthe Savoie Haute-Savoie Paris Seine-Maritime Seine-et-Marne Yvelines deux-Sevres Somme Tarn Tarn-et-Garonne Var Vaucluse Vendée Vienne Haute-Vienne Vosges Yonne Territoire de Belfort Essonne Hauts-de-Seine Seine-Saint-Denis Val-de-Marne Val-d’oise Guadeloupe Martinique French Guiana Réunion Mayotte the Results by city Paris Marseille Lyon Toulouse Nice Nantes Strasbourg Montpellier Bordeaux Lille Rennes Reims Le Havre Saint-Etienne Toulon Grenoble, Dijon, Angers, Nîmes, france All cities Article, the most lu – yellow Vests : a measure 12 of the “injured” ” See the news