Duel at loggerheads for the former headquarters of Manuel Valls, the mayor of Evry, supported by The Republic in march, and the candidate of France Insubordinate qualified Sunday for the second round of the legislative partial (Essonne). It should lead to the election of a new deputy instead of the ex-socialist Prime minister.

The former mp, initially without a label, and then come in the lap of LREM, resigned in early October and announced his candidacy for the city council of Barcelona, leaving vacant his seat in the national Assembly. A position for which 11 candidates were in the running.

Very low mobilization

At the end of the first round on Sunday, the two favorites of the election are qualified for the second round of the 25th of November, in front of the candidate of the national Gathering, in a context of very high abstention rate. Francis Chouat, right arm history of Manuel Valls, came top with 29,99% of the vote, ahead of the candidate BIA Farida Amrani (17,82%) and the candidate RN, Gregory Saillol (13,72%).

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The poll, however, has very little used : only 18,08% of the registered voters went to the polls, far short of the participation rate, already low, of the general elections in June 2017 (40,11%). “In a forbearance unfortunately too large, it is a result that confirms an offer new policy that we had proposed there are now just seven weeks,” said Francis Chouat.

“This campaign has been presented as a match between Valls and Mélenchon, or Mélenchon and Macron”, he continued. “I find that with 30% of the votes and 12 percentage points more than the candidate of The France insubordinate, this bet has been missed”, he rejoiced. Farida Amrani praised, for its part, the “clear message” of voters, calling on “all progressive forces to come together” around his candidacy.


“The score is very high as the national Gathering requires us to act with responsibility. We hear this anger that is expressed in the ballot box. It must be followed next Sunday by a vote, with which we will fight without mercy the policy of Macron”, she said.

The candidate supported by environmentalists and socialists, Eva, Sas, arrived in fourth position (10.53 to%), in front of the LR Jean-François Bayle (10,21%) and the communist Michel Nouaille (8,43%). He called on them to vote for the nomination of BIA, said Farida Amrani on Twitter.

“Our position is clear, it is to make dam to the right and the extreme right. M. Chouat is a close relative of the Macron, we will support the candidacy of Amrani,” said Sunday night the communist Party of the district.

Support of mayors

During the previous election, Manuel Valls had been elected with a very short lead (139 votes), ahead of Farida Amrani, in an atmosphere extremely tense. The latter had filed a complaint for fraud, a complaint which was ultimately closed with no action.

The former mp, who voted in Evry Sunday morning, “welcomed the great score of [his] friend”. “His real anchor, and its capability of gathering will allow him to defeat next Sunday populism and hate speech”, he added on Twitter.

Mayor of Evry since 2012, Francis Chouat is supported by LREM, the priority of which assumed is to dam to the BIA. The other five mayors of the district share this goal. “We will pick up here on the 18th member of The France insubordinate”, on the contrary, said Thursday evening during a meeting the leader of BIA, Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

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For the party, the election would serve as a test after the episode of the searches at the headquarters of France insubordinate and the home of the leader of the radical left, which believes they are a victim of “political persecution”. On Sunday evening, the leader of BIA addressed his “congratulations” to Farida Amrani, “in head-to-Corbeil-Essonnes and second in the district. “In the second round, the ballot vote against Macron, it is that of Farida Amrani !”, he launched on Twitter.