Escape From Tarkov, a popular online video game developed by Battlestate Games, has implemented a new system to combat cheaters within the community. In the latest patch notes, the developers announced that players who report cheaters and their reports lead to the blocking of the violator will receive in-game currency as a reward. This move aims to incentivize players to help keep the game clean and fair for everyone.

When a player successfully reports a cheater, they will receive an in-game message confirming that the reported individual has been blocked. Additionally, they will find some in-game cash added to their account, although the exact amount has not been specified in the patch notes. This system was suggested by fans over a year ago, but some members of the community were skeptical about Battlestate Games’ ability to effectively implement it.

Escape From Tarkov has faced criticism in the past, especially after the introduction of a new PvE mode that was initially locked behind a $250 paywall. The studio also faced backlash for offering a discounted upgrade path after some players had already paid the full price, and only providing refunds in the form of in-game currency vouchers. Moreover, players discovered that using the voucher for a $30 purchase would result in the remaining $20 disappearing.

Despite these previous missteps, the implementation of cheater bounties and rewards for reporting marks a positive step towards improving the game’s health and integrity. It remains to be seen whether this new system will effectively deter cheaters and enhance the overall gameplay experience for the community. As players continue to test out the reporting feature and receive rewards, Battlestate Games will need to monitor its effectiveness and address any potential issues that may arise.

Overall, the introduction of this system reflects the developers’ commitment to fostering a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all Escape From Tarkov players. By encouraging the community to actively report cheaters and rewarding them for their efforts, Battlestate Games aims to maintain the integrity of the game and ensure a level playing field for all participants. Players can now contribute to the enforcement of fair play within the game and help create a more positive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone involved.