Left-wing activist Sophie Tissier filed a complaint on Monday morning for sexual harassment against LFI deputy Eric Coquerel, elected chairman of the Assembly’s Finance Committee, according to documents seen by AFP.

This complaint, revealed by Europe 1 and which AFP was able to confirm the filing at the Vanves police station (Hauts-de-Seine), denounces facts “may be similar to sexual assault” dating from August 23, 2014 in Grenoble.

Eric Coquerel disputes these accusations.

Ms. Tissier, a 43-year-old former figure of “yellow vests”, explained to AFP that she had filed a complaint to “advance the cause of women, our place in society and especially in politics”, considering that the filing of a complaint was the only way to be taken “seriously” into account.

She says she has been “despised” by the party La France insoumise “for years” and regrets the “terrible consequences” on her life and her career as an activist since the “actions” of Mr. Coquerel, during an evening in 2014 .

Invited to BFMTV this weekend, she denounced “inappropriate gestures, wandering hands”, during an evening organized by the party in 2014, evoking “a salacious, sticky look”, “a clumsy flirt” and a behavior “outrageous, offensive, harassing” from the MP.

According to Ms. Tissier, Eric Coquerel also sent him text messages offering to take him to his hotel.

Sophie Tissier also said on Sunday that she had made a report to the sexual violence monitoring committee of La France insoumise.

On Sunday, the leader of the Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon for his part tackled on Twitter “a parade of accusers” in the media, “who have in common their activism for years against LFI”.

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