After the Xbox Showcase on June 9, Starfield has finally received its Creation Kit and Creations suite, allowing both PC and Xbox players to download official and community-built mods directly in-game. While it’s still early days, there are already some fantastic mods available that can enhance your Starfield experience. If you’re not sure where to start or don’t want to pay for mods, here are six free mods that can make a meaningful difference in your gameplay.

One of the most popular mods is the “Color Filter Removal,” which improves the visual quality of the game by removing the color filters and providing a cleaner image. Pairing this with “Darker Nights” by HopeFulWishing creates a darker and more immersive environment during evenings on planets and moons. The addition of a flashlight mod like “Vanilla Flashlight Improved (VFI)” can further enhance your exploration during nighttime.

For combat enthusiasts, the “Headshot kills any actor” mod by SKKmods can make combat more realistic by allowing headshot kills on various characters. This mod can also add a new level of challenge to the game by enabling you to kill essential NPCs, although this might break associated quests.

If you enjoy stealth gameplay, “Shade’s Stealth Takedowns (Knock-out or Lethal)” by Shadedness introduces a new takedown skill that allows you to eliminate enemies quietly. This mod adds a sense of immersion to the game and changes the way you approach combat situations.

For those looking to level up their skills faster, “_Ravageron’s” “Starshards” mod spawns starshards on planets for you to collect, granting you a skill point for every three shards gathered. This additional activity not only adds depth to planetary exploration but also helps you progress through the skill tree more efficiently.

As the Creations mod suite continues to expand, there will be more mods available to enhance your Starfield experience. These visual and gameplay improvements can breathe new life into the game and make it feel fresh and exciting once again. Keep an eye out for new mods and updates that can further elevate your journey through the vast galaxy of Starfield.