Embracer Group, despite reducing its headcount by 4532 employees in the past financial year, is looking to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its operations. According to Tomas Hedman, the head of privacy and AI governance at Embracer, not using AI could put the company at a competitive disadvantage compared to other industry players. He emphasized the importance of integrating AI in a way that empowers employees rather than replacing them.

Hedman highlighted that AI has the potential to significantly improve game development by increasing resource efficiency. He mentioned that AI could make coding more accessible to a broader group of developers, including individuals with disabilities who may have difficulty using a keyboard. Additionally, AI could assist in the creative process by identifying inconsistencies in scripts and storytelling, aiding in scriptwriting, image creation, idea generation, and quality control.

Furthermore, Hedman discussed the potential for AI to enhance the gaming experience by creating more dynamic interactions between players and AI-supported functions. For example, AI could remember player choices in a game scenario, making the overall gaming experience more engaging and lifelike.

On a different note, Embracer recently shut down Pieces Interactive, the developer behind the Alone in the Dark reboot. This closure is part of Embracer’s restructuring program, which has also involved selling off assets like Saber and Gearbox. The company has closed 44 studios and canceled 80 in-development projects as part of this initiative.

Overall, Embracer’s human-centric approach to AI implementation aims to empower employees and enhance the gaming experience. By leveraging AI technology effectively, the company hopes to stay competitive in the industry while embracing innovation and efficiency.