Elon Musk is considered a rock star of the Tech scene. The car company Tesla, he wants to make the E-mobility presentable, thanks to its space-travel company SpaceX people will soon fly to Mars. By the way, the 48-Year-old Mega developed batteries for our home, a high-speed transportation (Hyperloop), and even flame-throwers.

But apparently, the multi-billionaire is not busy still. Now he mixes in the field of neuro-technology: In San Francisco, Musk announced Details about its 2016-founded Start-up Neuralink. The plans are ambitious: An implantable Chip to make it possible to control a Computer only by thoughts.

direct connection into the brain

The Chip itself is only a few millimeters in size. Because so-called “Threads”, that’s the are extremely thin threads, which are as thick as a nerve cell (and thus only a fraction of a human hair). At the end of which, in turn, electrodes are attached. This can receive signals, or nerve cells, to stimulate. Transfer the information to a transmitter that is attached like a hearing aid behind the ear, and with the owner’s Smartphone is paired. Is the Chip implanted by a self-developed operation robot.

The concept is initially addressed exclusively to people with movement limitations, such as a paraplegia. Already next year the company wants to conduct a clinical study. However, it is likely to take to such technology by the competent authorities, is approved.

the Event stirred for Musk, especially the drum advertising for his new business because he search desperately for qualified employees.

New languages by downloading

in the long term, the technology had enormous potential, said Musk at the launch in California. In the future, it should be possible to extend the brain. From the via a Smartphone coupled to the App, you could download as an App Store new skills and directly into the brain to feed – imagine foreign languages or patterns of movement from sports would be. In addition, you can connect the brain directly with an Artificial intelligence.

all of This may sound like Science Fiction, but the technology itself is apparently more than you might initially think. During the presentation, Musk chatted unplanned – supposedly, from the reports of the “Independent” – that in Trying to be able to implant the Chip to a monkey. This had then been able to control a Computer with his brain.

sources: Neuralink-Keynote, Independent

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