Google makes its Chat App Allo after a good two years. The Internet group had set out that Allo with smart functions such as auto-response-proposals, Facebook’s dominating the competition can offer services WhatsApp and Messenger.

But Allo remained a Niche service. Already in the spring, Google had paused the development and now is supposed to be in April of next year, at the very end. Functions such as the response-suggestions and assistance on PCs have been integrated into the SMS and MMS replacement Messages, Google now on Android devices.

In the group, an almost chaotic diversity grew over the years, of interconnected communication Apps. Together with Allo Google also introduced the video chat App Duo the remains now, as the group is stressed in the night to Thursday. Previously, there were the Hangouts-video chats. They are now focused primarily on enterprise customers, and new functions are designed to reach residential users with a delay.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are cross-platform, both on Google’s Android System as Apple’s iPhone, and each have more than 1.5 billion users. Apple is WeChat on its devices with the chat service, iMessage, and FaceTime video chats, in China dominate native Apps, we.