FromSoftware’s latest update for Elden Ring has brought about an unexpected bug that is causing some issues for players on Steam Deck. The bug, which renders the game unplayable after a period of inactivity, is currently being investigated by the developers.

According to a statement from FromSoftware, leaving Elden Ring inactive for more than five minutes on Steam Deck can lead to the game not accepting inputs, making it impossible to continue playing. The studio is already working on a hotfix to address this issue and has apologized for any inconvenience caused to players.

While some users have reported encountering additional problems such as being blocked from playing online due to “inappropriate activity detected”, FromSoftware has not yet addressed these issues. It is hoped that the developer will provide more information on these reports soon.

As for when the hotfix will be released, FromSoftware has not provided a specific date or time but has promised to announce it separately. In the meantime, players are advised to be cautious when leaving Elden Ring inactive on Steam Deck to avoid running into the unresponsive game bug.

In more exciting news, the highly anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for Elden Ring is set to be released in approximately 23 minutes. Fans are eagerly awaiting this new content, and many are eagerly anticipating diving into the expansion as soon as it becomes available.

Despite the bug issues, Elden Ring remains a popular and engaging game that continues to captivate players with its immersive world and challenging gameplay. As FromSoftware works to address these issues, players are encouraged to stay tuned for updates and announcements regarding the hotfix and any additional information related to bug fixes and improvements for Elden Ring on Steam Deck.