Elden Ring Seamless Co-op Mod Makes a Comeback with Expansion Support

The Seamless Co-op mod for Elden Ring, which was temporarily disabled due to the release of the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, is now back in action with full support for the new content. According to a statement from mod creator Luke Yui relayed by Seamless Co-op Discord moderator Dalvik, the mod is now in a usable state for players looking to enjoy cooperative play in Elden Ring and its DLC.

Elden Ring’s unique multiplayer system allows players to join forces with friends or strangers to tackle challenging bosses. However, the game’s open-world nature and frequent disconnections after boss defeats can make it difficult to fully experience the game with a companion. The Seamless Co-op mod addresses these issues by providing a smooth and seamless cooperative experience. It operates in a separate executable file with its own save system and servers, bypassing Easy AntiCheat. Once players enter their friend’s instance through a password match system, they can stay connected until they choose to leave.

The recent release of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC required significant updates to the Seamless Co-op mod to ensure compatibility. Luke Yui worked swiftly to provide the necessary changes, allowing players to seamlessly transition their saves from previous versions into the new expansion. Additionally, the mod now supports optional invasions for the first time, enhancing the multiplayer experience.

In a conversation with PCG senior editor Wes Fenlon, Dalvik highlighted other improvements included in the latest update. The mod now features a more modular structure, ensuring that gestures and items obtained during gameplay are synchronized for all players. Furthermore, all players present in an instance can now participate in optional boss encounters together, enhancing the cooperative gameplay experience.

Despite the introduction of new mechanics and features in the DLC, such as the Scadutree Fragment system, Seamless Co-op remains compatible and functional. FromSoftware’s updates did not pose significant challenges to the mod’s creator, as the new content is localized and does not require complex synchronization.

Players can now download the latest version of the Seamless Co-op mod from the Elden Ring Nexus and embark on their cooperative journey through the Land of Shadow. However, it is important to note that some initial downloads may be missing essential files due to an error on the Nexus platform. In such cases, players are advised to re-download the mod from the project’s GitHub page to ensure a smooth experience. Additionally, the updated version of Seamless Co-op introduces new items for activating online features, which can be obtained by resting at a Site of Grace in the game world.

As Luke Yui continues to address any remaining bugs and issues, players can look forward to a more refined cooperative experience in Elden Ring. Stay informed about the latest developments and exclusive offers selected by the PC Gamer team to make the most of your gaming experience.