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Ebay classified ads: this is the Paypal Scam warns the police


Ebay’s classifieds is one of the most popular Online platforms in Germany. Here everything is offered, from which had become too small sweater over the old phone to the condo. We agree with the seller on a price paid for the goods, usually via Paypal. Here, however, caution is necessary: Always Criminal use of the Payment service provider for a brazen, but simple Scam.

it works like this: usually, the fraudsters put popular products such as brands of Sneakers, iPhones, or high-quality kitchen machines at a reasonable, but not frivolous-seeming price. Users believe, to make a bargain and contact the seller. Requires payment via Paypal, the customer should select the payment option “friends and family”, because then no additional fees apply.

The only acts like a small Detail, but in the case of fraud, with serious consequences: In the case of Online stores, the PayPal buyer protection, on the a lot of users to leave only the item “Goods and services”. If you select the “friends and family” to an Ebay handle classifieds business, in the case of fraud, bad cards.

“This variant is intended to send friends money to collect, for example, for a joint visit to a restaurant, for friends, submitted amounts or the money for a joint gift“, writes the consumer protection.

The Scam works again and again

When the police in cases of Victims who were bilked in this way to several Hundred euros land again and again. The perpetrators, however, are taken only rarely: The Paypal E-Mail address is often a disposable address. The Paypal account exists only for a short period of time: as soon As the money arrives on the account, it is routed, the account is then deleted. The money the Bruised rarely see again.

The police warns, therefore, against using the “friends and family”Option blindly to Strangers, just to save fees. “Besides the police, also Paypal warns, even before the payment of Goods with the payment method of ‘friends & family’. This is for the consumer, in so far favourable, that neither the receiver nor the money to verse to pay fees. However, the disadvantage is that it is from Paypal, no buyer protection”, – stated in a communication from the police.

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