Ebay is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Birthday in Germany, and has from 20. June a number of actions for its users announced.

Four years after its Start in California, the Online marketplace was gone in the summer of 1999 in Germany at the Start – probably not entirely voluntary. For about a year and a half before that, the Samwer brothers founded Alando in Germany, an Ebay clone.

The copy was so successful, that Ebay on 22. June 1999, announcing, finally, the Acquisition of the young company. Thus, the Foundation stone for the richness of the Samwer was laid-brothers that play with Rocket Internet to date, a significant role in the development of Start-ups in Germany, Asia, and Africa.

As one of the early pioneers Ebay have dominated the Online trading in Germany in the past 20 years, the company said. On the former auction platform, the first consisting primarily of private-party used Goods offered, be sold today, in the meantime, 80 percent of the new article. According to its own information, Ebay was one of last year, more than 18 million active buyers in Germany.