Durov called the Apple iCloud tool for surveillance

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov has called Apple iCloud a tool to spy on users. On it informs “the Newspaper.ru”.

So, the actor has responded to Apple’s decision to abandon the idea of encryption of the backup devices in the cloud.

“Now, iCloud is the official tool for surveillance. Applications that use this service to store your personal messages are part of the problem,” said the founder of Telegram.

Previously, Apple had planned to encrypt stored iCloud data. The company assured that such measure will allow to protect users ‘ personal information from hackers. Against this idea was made by the FBI. They felt that IT is a Corporation deprives intelligence agencies of evidence against criminals using the iPhone.

In January, Apple confirmed that the scanning of photos stored in iCloud. A special algorithm checks to see whether images of abuse of children, including sexual violence.

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