we should not be was to be a warning, to put our electronic devices next to us in bed while we sleep: In the British County of Staffordshire woke up to the eleven-year-old Callum Hewkin in the morning in his room, full of smoke and soot. He had connected his Tablet on the eve of the Load, it lay beside him on the mattress and he was asleep during the operation. The Samsung device overheated at night, so strong that it is through the sheets and the mattress cover to the mattress stuffing burned to the springs.

His parents got a good scare when Callum woke you. The Boy had first believed, the Tablet stuck to his bed. As his father, Stewart Hewkin, looked, he discovered what had really happened. The fire Department explained to the parents that the whole family was in serious danger.

The Boy had smuggled the Tablet, unnoticed, in his room

The parents told the British “Daily Mail” reported that they had had no idea that the Boy had smuggled the four-year-old device in his room, after they had gone to bed. There it had hung for nine hours on the charge cable. Normally, the strict rule in the house Hewkin, that at night no electrical device everwendet.

“This is the last thing you want to,” quoted the “Daily Mail” the 33-year-old father, “waking up in the morning and his child seriously injured or found dead, because a Tablet or phone has set his room on fire.” The parents know that you are still happy once it, finally, Callum’s life was seriously in danger.

Samsung said already

Despite the strong development of Smoke, the door of the boys had prevented that in the house, the smoke detector went on. The Hewkins do everything to make other people aware of the danger. You want from the manufacturers of the devices to have more clarification in the instructions for use. Samsung, the “Daily Mail” quoted, spoke as follows: “product quality and the safety of our clients have access to Samsung is of the highest priority. We are currently trying to reach the customer, the case is to fully investigate. To Samsung the device is received and examined, it is not possible to determine what happened. Customers have questions, can contact us directly.”