Munich – Loud hoot, clinking bottles. “After midnight it’s off to our living quarters right, the noise is unbearable,” scolds Mechthild Peron. She is the spokeswoman for the community wood road 29 – in the middle of the glockenbach quarter. The Problem: Since the music club Milla about six years ago, in the neighborhood moved, have developed an “entertainment district”.

+ Also, the Silent-signs according to residents nothing.© Michael Westermann

guests lärmten every weekend, sometimes during the week, until the early hours of the morning unimpeded on the road. Because no Change is in sight, have turned the residents of the corner house to the district Committee of Ludwig – Isarvorstadt. The Problem is not about loud music from the Live-Club, but the people out in the open. “It bales here at the junction to the West with a focus at night, too many people, often well over a hundred,” confirmed Franz Bruckmeir (SPD). Bouncer, the urge to rest, see you never.

Club-in-chief speak of “hardened fronts”

“Unfortunately, have hardened the fronts here,” explains Gerd Baumann, one of the Milla-heads. The Club, which is not designed for Profit, is for him a matter of the heart. “We have become an instance for a musician.” And he says: Yes, to please the guests outside on a regular basis to calm. As it goes now? The residents want to fight back with Ads. In addition, there is the Plan, at a round table together – to finally find a solution.

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