Google has missed the hopes of the press publishers in new revenues due to the EU copyright reform a damper.

In France as the first country with the new rules of the Internet group wants to dispense with the Display of the small “Snippet”previews and no money for the appearance of Links with Headings in web search numbers.

European publisher to get your hopes up on payments from Google after copyright reform, the so-called ancillary copyright law was written. Accordingly, search engines must acquire licenses for the display of extracts from the media content.

“We sell Ads and not search results and every ad on Google is clearly marked,” emphasized responsible Google Manager Richard Gingras. “That’s why we don’t pay to the publishers when people click on their Links in search results.” To have the otherwise hand, would reduce the selection and relevance for the user”, and finally to the loss of their confidence in our services,” said Gingras.

When the French law on the implementation of the copyright law reform in national law come into force, will Google create Snippets with text and image, it said in a separate blog entry. Will remain the title that was at the same time also the Link to the Website of the provider. The publishers get the opportunity to be able to, by itself, specify whether you also want to have photos and text excerpts in web search is displayed.

the “Snippet”to pay previews on search result pages in General, significantly higher access in the case of the linked sites, and experts assume that a number of publishers to install the corresponding program code in its News pages, even if there is no direct flow of money from Google, linked to this will be.

Only a few weeks ago, the German ancillary copyright law for press publishers, which was introduced prior to the copyright reform had been overturned, due to a formal error in the implementation in court.

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