An Unreal Engine developer managed to run the classic first-person shooter Doom inside Fortnite, joining the long list of “Things That Can Run Doom.” Originally released in 1993, Doom from Id Software became one of the most popular video games ever made. Since the source code was released in the late ‘90s, people have created ports of Doom for various devices and platforms, from cash registers to ATMs. Now, Fortnite has been added to that extensive list. On July 7, Jackson Clayton shared a video on Twitter showing someone playing Doom’s classic opening level, E1M1, before switching to building structures from Fortnite’s battle royale mode. Clayton explained that they used Ultimate Doom Builder to export E1M1 as a 3D model for Fortnite’s Unreal editor. By removing Unreal’s effects and utilizing its material system, Clayton recreated Doom’s visual and gameplay style in Fortnite. Although the programming language used was “too high-level” for a direct translation, Clayton’s experience with Doom-inspired games helped in replicating the game’s essence in Fortnite. Despite not being able to publish the level due to copyright restrictions, Clayton ported Doom into Fortnite to learn more about UEFN and to prank his friends. The viral video on Twitter garnered attention from Doom fans who appreciated Clayton’s creation. This crossover event showcases how even younger Fortnite players can recognize and enjoy the classic Doom game. It’s fascinating to witness the creative ways in which developers continue to push the boundaries of what is possible within different gaming platforms. The ability to merge iconic titles like Doom and Fortnite demonstrates the endless possibilities for innovation and collaboration within the gaming community. As technology advances, we can expect to see more unexpected crossovers and creative projects that pay homage to the games that have shaped the industry. The blending of different gaming worlds not only provides entertainment for players but also highlights the interconnected nature of the gaming community. By celebrating the classics while embracing new technologies, developers can keep the spirit of beloved games alive while introducing them to a new generation of players. This innovative approach to gaming not only preserves the legacy of iconic titles like Doom but also ensures that their influence continues to inspire future generations of developers and players alike.