Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are have been affected on Wednesday afternoon of disorders. A Facebook spokesman confirmed to the German press Agency problems when Uploading photos and other files in the Apps of the company.

You work on it as soon as possible back to a normal operating. All three services belong to the Facebook group.

According to the Website “allestörungen.de” were particularly affected users in Germany, the UK, France and the Benelux countries. In addition, disruptions in the East coast of the USA, as well as in Parts of southern Europe and South America have been reported.

in March of this year it came to the multi-hour disruptions to the worldwide used platforms. At the time, Facebook, the chat Messenger service, and the network, Instagram, were affected.

Also in the case of Twitter, it came on Wednesday to disorders. “We currently have problems with the delivery of direct messages and notifications”, the company said on its official Support Account. “We are working on a solution and will contact you again as soon as we have an Update.”