if you are using a dishwasher, doing more for the environment than all of those, the grab hand to the brush. This has been proven in a new study of the University of Bonn. The difference is enormous: to clean a machine load by Hand requires ten Times more water, 2.5 Times more energy than the machine. A prerequisite, of course, that it is a modern and economical device.

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In the dishwasher, sneakers and Baseball Caps will be clean again.

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And exactly these machines, the energy efficiency classes A+++ and A++, the Foundation looked at test were more accurate. In the duration of exposure, ten years of use in simulating fast running. Surprising result: The particularly fuel-efficient machines are more expensive than the models of class A+, but you don’t need only less power, they also fall less often. Read also: dishwashers failure in the endurance test of products test is also the device of Miele

not witnessed Because, in fact, all of the test participants, the end of the sample period. This is of concern because, in practice, always with the dirty dishes and the occasional failure loads, the load for the devices is relatively larger than in the laboratory. Devices that have undergone a devaluation because of a failure, one should not therefore even consider. The repair of a five-year-old device is worth, given the new price of only for do-it-yourselfer. A device from Samsung with the innovative Waterwall technology was particularly negative.

a Total of eleven different devices were in the Test. Some are listed twice, because it is integrated in the execution of full-and part integrated with visible control panel there. Otherwise, the sinks are identical in construction.

In the past there were problems with the equipment, the dry with the Mineral zeolite. After a few years of function was not working anymore, this Dry, here was a repair because of the price is often meaningless. In the laboratory, the devices showed with this dry method, no abnormalities. Who wants to be especially careful, should refrain from zeolite dryer.

special economy reach all machines with a Trick that is also used for washing machines: It is longer, but with lower temperatures flushed. In the Rinsing this makes no difference. Attaches great importance to germ-free cleanliness of the dishes and in the dishwasher, you will need to select the quick wash cycle, which consumes more power. The Same applies if the time for an Eco-wash – appears to be up to four hours – too long.

Quietly devices nerves less

test winner in the Miele G is 6770 SCVi for proud 1210 Euro, you achieved the overall grade of 2.0. Given the cost of the second-placed device, Neff is the better choice. This rinse also reaches a Well and the grade 2.1. The Neff S516T80X1E / GV6801T but costs only 630 Euro. In the case of operating costs over ten years, it is almost on a par with the Miele appliance. Also good – based 2,2 – cut, the Bosch SMV67MX 01E 595 1 047 for 595 Euro. The cheapest good machine from Beko. The DIN28431 only cost 405 euros, and reached at least the grade of 2.5.

household tips washing machine-error – so you ruin your Laundry – guarantees

the price-performance winner the device of Neff. Together with the much more expensive Miele is the only device that has reached in the discipline of “sound” the Note very well. However, the Miele is a quieter. In our opinion, the noise is next to cleanliness, a Central criterion, finally, the machine rumbling between three and four hours in the kitchen.

was Not taken into account in the Test, how easy or hard the machines are to clean. Our tip: before buying hair small show, how easily screens, and spray Arms removing and installing can. Sooner rather than later, you will have the remnants of the shells of eggs and legumes from the spray nozzles fumble.

by the Way, the product testers have also resolved the question of faith “basket or drawer for the silverware?”. When cleaning both systems are equal, the basket takes up more space in the interior.

The complete Test you can get for a fee under www.test.de .

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