is open to A large majority of employed people in Germany (92 per cent) to a survey of Bitkom, according to new work concepts. Accordingly, only six percent of the respondents are so-called “New-Work reject”concepts.

The digitalization in the field is essential. “Digital technologies enable mobile and self-determined Work, without fixed times and places tied,” said Achim Berg, the President of the digital Association on Wednesday in Berlin.

While 55 percent of respondents expect that their workplace will change by the year 2030 through new technologies. Concern for the workplace have, however, with eight percent just a few. “Two-thirds of understanding of digitisation as an opportunity,” said mountain. According to the study, 78 percent of the respondents, digital technologies as essential, 67 percent are motivated by-and for 62 percent make the work more productive.

Yet for all digitisation, there is also criticism. So 34 percent of the respondents do not mind that the technologies work as they should. Too much information on too many channels complain about 23 percent. And under Stress, 11 percent of respondents feel.

determined As of the Bitkom, through new concepts of space in the offices gradually. Three out of ten had Employees in the workplace through opportunities to retreat for concentrated Work. The single office was no longer opposed to the Standard, only a quarter (27 per cent) work alone in his room. 37 per cent work with up to four colleagues in a room, 22 percent in a large room.

This, however, is controversial. So 66 percent kept the office well for the communication between the employees, or a greater cohesion in the Team (45 per cent), 56 per cent, however, more social control, as well as a greater distraction and a drop in productivity (48 percent).

Self-determined Work, free allocation of working hours and self-realization are the most important Wishes of the workers in the “New Work”. So 96 percent would like to can this is the own hours, which is divided. But also the importance of a meaningful activity, is ranked, with 94 percent of respondents at the top of the list. And 93% expect flatter hierarchies.

For the embodiment of self-certain as well as time – and location-independent working processes, there is need, however, also have modern laws, said John bird, spokesman for labour market and pension policy of the FDP group in the Bundestag. A new law on working hours belong to, “the more flexible division of the day and of the week”. Also, the right to home office according to a Dutch model calls for the bird.

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