More than half of the companies estimate their own level of skills in the course of digitalisation is low.

“feel a Whole lot overwhelmed,” said Microsoft Germany’s Director Sabine Bendiek in Berlin at the start of the conference future work. The digital training of employees is increasingly becoming a decisive competitive factor. Had the conference with lectures and Workshops, Microsoft, together with the Federal Association of German employers ‘ associations BDA. They wanted to create awareness for the problem, but also courage to develop, said Steffen Kampeter, the chief Executive of the BDA.

The world of work in the course of digitalisation, before dramatic changes. Artificial intelligence and machine Learning will alter almost every Job in the near future, said Bendiek. So far, would in this country is investing 80 per cent of the funds only in the training of the people up to the age of 25. It would have to be found answers, such as a cashier to find the funds and time to upgrade, if the Barcode cash registers have replaced their profession, said Janina ball, personnel Manager of Siemens.

Digital Transformation will always be seen as a great danger, said ball. “But she is already on the way.” The Manager, since April the Digitalrat of the BDA, the developed strategies for the future of the world of work. “We want to bring people together who think extremely cross,” said ball.

The Federal Ministry of labour estimates that by 2025 through automation and Artificial intelligence, around 1.6 million jobs will disappear in Germany, but at the same time, around 2.3 million new Jobs will be created. “The work will not disappear, but it would change the job descriptions and requirements radically,” said ball.

This would have to be designed new concepts for education, training, and education. Last year, there had been in Germany, 50 000 students left their school without training. “But we must find ways for all to take.” Today, many employers are not in the locations, their employees prospects for the digital future.

Microsoft has launched together with its partners, a number of initiatives for training, for job-seekers, their own customers or the Initiative Code of Your Life in the past few years, around 300,000 children in a playful programming learning.

But also the nature of the traditional knowledge needed to be dusted, said the Russian world chess champion Garry Kasparov. In schools, Knowledge was to be imparted today as a hundred years ago. A time traveler from the 19th century. Century would be amazed by much you’d find yourself in the school but it is a good deal.

He might have been the first knowledge workers, the against a machine, lost, – said Kasparov. The Russian world chess champion had lost in 1997 against Deep Blue from IBM. “If you can’t beat them, join them,” advised Kasparov. The crucial questions would also answer in the future, the people, not the machines.

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