Digital patches can appear in all election campaigns in 2020 – CEC

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the Central election Commission of Russia has allowed the use of digital parcel in relation to all electoral campaigns in the current year 2020. This writes the Agency “Moscow” referring to the statement by Deputy Chairman of the Commission Nikolay bulaeva.

“CEG (complexes of electronic voting – ed.) will be able to expand its memory up to 3 thousand ballots,” said Bulaev.

He added that the CEC understand that at the first stage of the new product can indicate a low demand from constituents.

“In 2020 it will be all the regions we know. People need psychologically to get used to, “trodden path”, remember where and what the opportunities are,” said Bulaev.

While the Chairman of the CEC praised the work of the CEG. He said that three years of work, never seen any complaints on the new product.

“Distance (project vote – approx.) of course, more convenient – you can vote at home with a Cup of tea, slowly, and here we have to go to the polling station. But the idea of going to the polling station I like, it gives a guarantee that it was I that nothing is tampered with. Let’s see what will be in demand that will settle”, – summed up Bulaev.

Earlier in the Moscow city Duma made the use of electronic voting in municipal elections. This was stated by the Chairman of the MHD Alexey Shaposhnikov.

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