Demonschool is a game that takes inspiration from popular TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and combines it with elements from the Persona series, all wrapped up in a nostalgic 90s flair. The game follows the story of student Faye, the last remaining demon hunter in a school filled with unsuspecting students. With the help of her friends, each with their own unique demon-hunting powers, they set out to uncover the truth behind the demonic activities happening in their school.

The game features a mix of social simulation and tactical combat elements. Players can explore different locations, interact with other students, and take on side quests to improve their relationships with friends. The combat system is grid-based, similar to chess, where characters must strategically position themselves to take down enemies with their unique abilities. While the demo showcases a limited number of abilities, the final game is expected to offer more complexity and variety in combat.

One of the standout features of Demonschool is its nostalgic 90s setting, complete with references to chunky PCs, dial-up internet, and classic mobile games like Snake. The game’s artwork, soundtrack, and overall aesthetic contribute to its fun and engaging tone, making it a unique and enjoyable experience for players.

Overall, Demonschool offers a blend of humor, nostalgia, and strategic gameplay that is sure to appeal to fans of supernatural storytelling and retro vibes. With its charming characters, episodic narrative, and engaging combat system, the game promises an exciting and entertaining experience for players when it releases on September 13th. Get ready to dive into a world where demons lurk in the shadows, and only a group of plucky students can save the day.