The call for a dismantling of Facebook is increasingly a theme for the run-up to the US presidential election of 2020.

the Senator Kamala Harris, another politician spoke out from the camp of the Democrats, that the American government should consider a division of the Online network.

The demand to crush Facebook, got in the past few days, a new impetus. Chris Hughes, a co-founder of the Online network, had spoken out last week in an article in the New York Times that Facebook needs to make the acquired Apps Instagram and WhatsApp again in the future strictly regulated. He got applause, among other things, by a further presidential candidate of the Democrats, Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has been calling for some time for a dismantling of the big Online platforms Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Harris did not went quite so far, said in a CNN Interview at the weekend, but, “we need to seriously consider”. Facebook games company from an economic point of view, a role similar to that of a supply, but regulated accordingly. “From my point of view, this must end.”

Facebook continues meanwhile, against the claims to the military. The new policy chief Nick Clegg countered at the weekend – also in an Opinion piece in the “New York Times” a smashing would be the wrong solution. Clegg, a former British Deputy Prime Minister, denied, among other things, that Facebook have a monopoly Position. So the Online have network alone in the market of chat services, many of the competitors, such as Apple’s iMessage, Microsoft’s Skype, Line from Japan, and WeChat from China. The size allows Facebook at the same time, a high level of investment in the security of the services, among other things, by the fight against terrorist propaganda and hate speech. “That would be pretty much impossible for a smaller company.”

Hughes had argued, among other things, that the Facebook founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg has too much Power and the Online network by its size, the emergence of new competitors impossible. For users there is no Alternative to Facebook Apps, because all of your contacts there.