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Deliveroo : drivers denounce the new tariff schedule


The deliverymen Deliveroo are in the streets to voice their rights. Fifty of them gathered Wednesday evening in Paris to denounce the new tariff schedule imposed by the delivery platform meals at home, which results in according to them a decrease in their pay, noted a journalist of the Agence France-Presse. “Before, I was doing around 100 euros per day for 8 hours of work, now it is 80,” says Aboubakar* came up with his bike instead of the Republic. A little further on, Nahim says losing “about 85 euros per week” with the lower rates.

For many, the problem is also the waiting time in the restaurants. “Sometimes, we wait 30 minutes and this is not taken into account,” says Chris, who works for Deliveroo for several years and managed so far to win a little more than minimum wage by working 45 hours per week. The porters in paris, who were already gathered last Saturday to denounce the decision of the platform uk to lower the rates for races shorter and increase that of long races, forsaken by the drivers, as there is little profitable. The platform has, in particular, removed the minimum rate of 4.70 euros for a race, that applied to Paris (it varies according to the cities).

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A call to boycott

” Deliveroo was the platform that was paying almost the best, but it lines up now on its competitors “, has accused Jean-Daniel Zamor, president of the Collective of drivers self-parisian (Clap 75). “This impacts the entire sector. “On Wednesday morning, Jean-Daniel Zamor had called on consumers to boycott the delivery platform. “We ask them for, just today, not to order to Deliveroo (…) by support of the movement,” he stated to the Agency France-Presse. He had then said that the gathering of the Wednesday, to be followed by the blocking of several restaurants.

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Shortly after 20 hours, a small ten delivery scooters are arrived in front of The Little Cambodia, rue Beaurepaire, restaurant manager Julien Maretheu has decided to cut out Wednesday, the system of deliveries Deliveroo as a sign of solidarity. “They have reason to want to keep their livelihood, it must stop the exploitation “, he said.

” wild, Wild West

The deliverymen also have the intention of conducting a national campaign the next weekend. In some cities, such as in the capital, they will be on strike Saturday, while in others, in Grenoble for example, this will be on Sunday, said Jean-Daniel Zamor. Depending on the platform, the new schedule offers better pricing, more fair “, and ” more than 54% of orders are paid more “. But for Jean-Daniel Zamor, the long runs are not cost effective, because ” they can do more than an hour, the equivalent of three or four short races “.

In a press release, Deliveroo claims that she ” spends even more money in the cost of the drivers, paying more for deliveries longer in response to the request of the deliverers “. She adds that ” those who call for boycott are not drivers Deliveroo and do not represent them “, accusing them of trying ” now to prevent the delivery people earn their living “. For its part, the U2P which represents the craft and the trade of close calls in a press release the model of the platforms of the ” Wild West of breath that threatens us collectively.”

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” I therefore appeal to the good sense of the consumer not to condone the excesses present in some platforms. I appeal also to the public authorities : there is an urgent need to re-establish rules that are clear, fair and apply to everyone the same way, ” writes its president, Alain Griset. With 10 000 partner restaurants in 200 cities and 11 000 delivery partners, the French market is the second for Deliveroo, after the uk market in which the company is the result. According to Deliveroo, the majority of the drivers are students and 70 % are less than 26 years. They work on average 15 hours per week and earn 13 euros per hour of connection to the application, or 30 % more than the smic gross hourly “.

*the names have been changed.

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