With the recent Sakurajima update in Palworld on June 27th, players are facing a new challenge in the form of Saya and Selyne, the leaders of the Moonflower faction. To defeat these formidable foes, players will need to venture to Sakurajima Island and locate the Moonflower Tower where they reside. The tower can be found in the Northwest corner of the map, Southwest of the Astral Mountains and North of the Forgotten Island, at coordinates -597, 206.

Selyne is a Dark/Neutral Pal, making her the first to have this specific element combination. To counter her, players should consider using Dragon-Type Pals, as they are most effective against this element combination. Some top choices for this fight include Jetragon, Jormuntide, Jormuntide Ignis, Blazamut Ryu, and Astegon.

It is important to note that this fight is ranked at the current level cap of 55, so players should ensure that they and their Pals are close to this level to stand a better chance. Equipping yourself with Plasteel armor and new weapons like the Laser Rifle or Guided Missile Launcher can also greatly enhance your chances of success. Increasing your accessory slots will provide you with more flexibility during the battle.

During the fight, it is recommended to let your team of Pals do the heavy lifting while you focus on shooting from a distance. Selyne’s attacks are fast and can be overwhelming, but they can be dodged once you recognize their startup animations. Keep your distance and watch out for the Moonlight Beam attack, indicated by the glowing crescent behind Selyne.

To avoid this powerful attack, start running to the side as soon as you see the animation beginning. While hiding behind pillars can sometimes help, it is more reliable to keep moving. The key challenge in this battle is to defeat Saya and Selyne within ten minutes, as they have a significant amount of HP. Keep an eye on your Pals’ health and call them back to avoid deadly attacks, but be sure to send them out again to share the focus with you.

Overall, the strategy for defeating Saya and Selyne is similar to previous Tower Bosses, but they are the most challenging to apply it to. By staying aware of your surroundings and your team’s health, you can develop a winning game plan. If you find yourself struggling, consider trying out new weapons or recruiting a different team of Pals to gain an edge in this tough battle.