You’ve reached the top of the tower in Belurat, a great accomplishment considering the challenges you faced along the way. However, before you can leave, you must defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion. This boss is no easy feat, with its deadly attacks and unpredictable moves. But fear not, we have some strategies to help you emerge victorious.

The Divine Beast Dancing Lion is a formidable opponent with a variety of elemental attacks. In the first phase, it will unleash freezing breath, followed by close-range attacks that can quickly deplete your health. In the second phase, it will switch between lightning, ice, and wind attacks, each with its own unique patterns and dangers.

To defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, you’ll need to use a combination of tactics and summoning help. You can summon Spirit Ashes and Redmane Freyja to aid you in the battle. Magic users can stay at midrange and cast spells, while melee users should pick their moments to strike and retreat to avoid taking too much damage. It’s important to be aware of the Lion’s movements and patterns to anticipate its attacks and react accordingly.

As the battle progresses, the Lion will become more unpredictable, switching between elemental attacks at will. Stay focused, pick your moments to strike, and make good use of your summoned allies to increase your chances of success. When you finally defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, you’ll be rewarded with valuable runes and items, including the Divine Beast Head, a powerful piece of gear with various bonuses for melee and magic users.

If you’re a magic user, don’t forget to visit the Storeroom near the Small Altar Site of Grace to obtain the Watchful Spirit incantation. With perseverance and strategic gameplay, you can overcome the challenges posed by the Divine Beast Dancing Lion and emerge victorious in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. Good luck on your journey!