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Death Stranding Review: A Postman against the end of the world


Death Stranding appears as the first title of the 2015 independent Studios, “Kojima Productions” and contains probably the most elaborate Go-Simulator, the video game history has ever seen. This is decorated is also an interesting, but complex story, and a veritable all-star ensemble cast represented only Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) and Léa Seydoux (James Bond 007: Spectre) prominent roles taken on, but also Mads Mikkelsen (the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) and even Guillermo del Toro (the Shape of Water) do not have.

If the dead do not remain in the Afterlife

The action takes place in a not-too-distant future in which the world through the mysterious phenomenon of “Death Stranding” was devastated: The extinction of large tracts of land and a mass extinction the consequences of this were, as the border between this world and the Hereafter has dissolved. Everywhere on earth, spirits have appeared, and supernatural explosions occurred and, therefore, the landscape of craters is covered. The last Remains of civilization have holed up in city-States and bunkers, and the Rest of the world (and each other) is isolated.

This is also the reason why the profession is to become of the “Porter” is essential for the Survival of mankind: So you not only transport tools through the harsh world, but also food, medicine, and sometimes even corpses. The best among them is Sam Porter Bridges, played by Norman Reedus, is also the main character of this game.

Because his reputation is Sam from the President asking personally (which also happens to be his foster-mother), to unite the scattered American cities by the construction of a new data network under the Banner of the UCA – the “United Cities of America”. Since this is not, however, offered enough responsibility for a package, he will be tasked with the rescue of his foster sister, which is held on the West coast of captured terrorists.

So Sam breaks on the East coast, to the entire North American continent to cross. Kojima Productions, The Terrorist, Higgs is trying to prevent Sam from fulfilling its missions.

When Run for the challenge

The Run is relatively complex in Death Stranding. So every Rock and every stream represents a certain obstacle to be overcome – because there is no Option, because otherwise Sam’s freight damage or lost is Stumbling. And for the case that Sam is once loading is particularly heavy, you have to balance as well as by careful control of the weight. In fact, the inventory Management also requires a certain degree of attention: Although Sam can lead you to quite a lot, but his Luggage is built a little more realistic than in other Games: in addition to the weight of the space to be considered is, the climbing equipment, weapons, and finally cargo to take to make the next Trip unnecessarily difficult.

At this point it should be mentioned that Death Stranding is not for the people, the classic “Pick-and-Carry-tasks” scare you. So while there is always slow and the fight sequences, however, the bulk of the gameplay consists of “Bring cargo A missions to place B”.

If the most faithful companion is a bottle Baby

To creep sequences, especially if Sam is staying in the vicinity of invisible spirits. This is also the Moment in which the bottle Baby reports to word: It is your faithful companion on the Trip through the American wasteland, and will always be transported by Sam in his belly, attached to the glass bottle. This controls a mechanical Arm that shows a warning in the direction of the invisible spirits and an undiscovered Escape to allow. However, if this fails, Sam is thrown into a mysterious tar-pond, in which he must fight against a giant squid Monster.

Invisible spirits, and tar monsters, however, are not the only things, and the better a great arc there is in the world of Death Stranding also bandits, who are after Sam’s cargo, and the phenomenon of the time, rain that makes all of the objects aging – including Sam’s Equipment.

in fact, counting the bandits of the few other people that hits Sam on his journey “truly” Because most of the recipients of his deliveries only via hologram, which is particularly human, the post-apocalyptic America empty and extinct seem to show up. Kojima Productions, The picturesque, but deserted landscape of Death Stranding

If you don’t see the other players

Even more exciting, the optional asynchronous Online multi-player mode, the Death Stranding includes: As is conveyed already to the beginning of the journey that you share the game world with other players, even if you never meet them directly to: structures such as ladders, ropes, or a vehicle used for the Crossing of an obstacle, and then leaves, will have a Chance for other players to emerge and Vice versa. This leads to the fact that you can often feel a gratitude for the invisible helpers, and willing to grab the other players also (indirectly) under the arms.

These shared structures, however, appear only when the appropriate area was connected Sam to the data network of the UCA, which in turn represents an interesting metaphor for the need for an Internet connection.

The multi-player mode also has the interesting side effect that you can keep filling, together with his teammates, the landscape gradually: Even if the time destroyed in the rain of smaller objects to larger structures such as cars, Railways or underground bunker for a long time, which is also a Form of re-conquest of the North American continent.

If there is a game of dedication required

Who wants to embrace Death, Stranding, should bring a healthy Dose of dedication. Because only those who focus completely on the experience, will understand in the end how a game can be both monotonous and fascinating, and why it is exactly this experience was that Hideo Kojima wanted to convey. The duration of the game is 50+ hours, which, however, the first 10 because of the feel many cutscenes a bit long drawn.

in addition, it makes the convoluted history required that you take as a player is active with content, such as E-Mails and text interviews of individual characters in order to understand the universe of Death Stranding better. However, one should not expect to get an answer to every question room for interpretations out of power here, but the charm.

Death Stranding is an experience that it is definitely worth to be played. For me personally, especially the Worldbuilding, and the successful atmosphere it has fallen very well and I would hope that the title gets the attention he deserves.

Finally, the Soundtrack should be highlighted that, despite its reduced use, skillfully accentuated the picturesque landscapes and to the creation of some of the more memorable key scenes contribute. Many a Hollywood Blockbuster, could find here a source of Inspiration. 4 out of 5 spirit places the bottle babies.

Death Stranding appears on 8. November for the PS4 and 2020 for the PC.

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