They were at the forefront at the time of the police intervention controversial of which was scattered a hundred of the young people at the music Festival in Nantes, on the 21st of June. That same night, where, under the pressure of CRS, Steve, Maia Canico fell into the Loire. A month later, his body was found in a state of decomposition. The team of four first aiders were present on the shots 4 hours to come to the assistance of a participant who is unwell.

They give a version very different from that of the IGPN, reports The World. On-site, they discover a feast ” very quiet “. According to them, ” there were people with alcohol and without a doubt some, had they taken substances, but nothing alarming compared to what we usually see in festivals “. Even the sound that came out of the speakers is not covered by the discussions of the first responders.

Tear gas and crowd

a Few minutes after their arrival, the first fumes of tear gas began to make itself felt among the crowd. The police had just arrived, around 4: 25 pm. At the same time, the paramedics were taking care of the person for whom the Uas of the Loire-Atlantic region had to be dispatched. The panic then took possession of all the participants : cries, movements of crowd, a situation comparable to the ” big manifs in the city centre of Nantes “.

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But for one of the first responders, there is no doubt : “I am the last to spit on the police, they are doing a job which is not easy. But, according to me, the transaction was not appropriate. The procedure seems to me totally disproportionate. Such a deployment of grenades just for the music, in a sector without a home, seems incredible. As in other years, the music continued after 5 o’clock in the morning. “

testimonies ignored ?

another rescuer tells of having seen ” two forms float “, a moment after the load. “We called the rescue right away. I tried to follow, but the current was such that they are out of the beam of my torch. I don’t know what they are doing now, ” he continued. One of these “forms” was that of Steve Maia Canico ? This story issued by rescuers undermine the conclusions of the report of the IGPN relating to intervention on the muscular forces of the order.

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The police of the police has in fact concluded that the link between the burden of CRS and the death of the young animator of nantes was not found. One of the members of the civil protection said : “I do not know what is the definition of crowd movement to the IGPN, but I would like to understand. If it is a large number of people fleeing quickly a cloud of tear gas, then, yes, there has been a. “The IGPN, would, according to them, deliberately ignored their testimonies during the investigations. The judicial inquiry will it be different from the administrative investigation ?