The recent Season 4 Reloaded update in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone has players excited for what Season 5 may bring. Data miners have uncovered a leak suggesting that the new season could feature finishing moves inspired by Marvel’s Deadpool.

Data miner “Crashfty” has shared clips of unreleased finishing moves that bear a striking resemblance to the quirky and sarcastic execution style of Deadpool, similar to Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal in the movies. These moves include unique poses and mannerisms that fans of the character will surely appreciate.

With the Season 4 battle pass set to end on July 24, speculation is rife that Season 5 could kick off shortly after. Interestingly, this timing aligns with the release of the new Deadpool & Wolverine movie in theaters on July 26. If the leaks turn out to be accurate, players can look forward to an exciting crossover event in the game.

Call of Duty has a history of successful collaborations with major intellectual properties, such as Fallout, Gundam, Dune, and The Walking Dead. Given this track record, a crossover event featuring Deadpool and potentially other characters like Wolverine would not be out of the question.

As we await more information on upcoming bundles and potential crossover events, fans can mark their calendars for the Call of Duty: Next event scheduled for August 28. This event promises to reveal new details and showcase live gameplay of the highly anticipated Black Ops 6 multiplayer mode.

Stay tuned for more updates on Season 5 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone as the release date approaches. Exciting times lie ahead for fans of the franchise, with the possibility of engaging with beloved Marvel characters in the game’s universe. Email us at if you have any news tips or wish to reach out directly.